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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Superhero Lover!

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Superhero Lover!

It’s been a super year for super fans and we’re here to help you top it off with this very special holiday gift guide themed around capes and cowls! Perfect for the Bat-Fan, Wonder-Stan, or Supes-Man in your life! So join us as we take you on this magical journey through festive comic book gift ideas that’ll hopefully end up under your loved one’s Christmas tree!

Dorbz Bizarro Superman

Ever thought that Bizarro Superman needed to be cuter? Don’t worry, Dorbz have you covered! This ridiculously cute vinyl toy is the perfect stocking stuffer for the deep cut comic book fan in your life. This Bizarro buddy from Toys R Us will cost you $7.99.

Daredevil Mr. Potato Head

Daredevil has gone from humble beginnings to one of Marvel‘s most well-known and popular properties. His Netflix series is dark and gritty, so if you have a Matt Murdoch lover in your life then make their festive season the best with this… Daredevil Mr. Potato Head from PPW Toys! It’s been too long since we saw Matt with a grin on his face and his buns in his classic maroon costume. Bring this li’l tater home for $14.99.

Mjolnir Keyring

After the majesty of Thor: Ragnarok, who doesn’t want to try their hand at lifting Mjolnir? If your own personal Chris Hemsworth is missing his hammer, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this rad pewter keyring from Superhero Stuff. It’ll cost you $7.99 to become worthy, start a revolution, and save the world. P.S. Remember to print enough pamphlets.

Thor: Ragnarok Tiki Cups

What do you get for the superhero fan who has it all? There’s only one answer: Thor: Ragnarok themed Tiki Cups, obviously. This pair of ceramic jugs commemorate the movie’s BFFs Hulk and Thor in liquid container form! Is this one of the stranger items we’ve discovered in our Christmas journey? Yes. Do you still love them? Of course. Think Geek will provide you with the pair for $29.99!

Harley Quinn Holiday Statue

Harleen Quinzell may have started out as a throwaway femme fatale in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, but since then she’s become the fourth pillar of the DC Universe. To celebrate, DC‘s made this wildly detailed holiday statue of the Crown Princess of Crime herself. You’ll have to pay a pretty penny to bring Harley home, though—this trinket clocks in at a whopping $275!

Cap Coffee Maker

It’s hard to be a hero, especially early in the morning before you’ve got your caffeine hit. If you have a special coffee lover in your life then look no further than this branded Captain America one-cup coffee maker. Emblazoned with the good ol’ boy’s recognizable logo, this is perfect for the Steve to your Bucky, and can be yours from for $24.95.

Groot Earrings

Love Groot? Who doesn’t? If you know someone who’d enjoy subtly paying homage to the beloved living tree, then these sterling silver climbing Groot earrings are the gift for you! Another Think Geek classic, these sweet swingers are a guaranteed hit for the Groot fan in your life and are surely of a very high quality at $69.99.

Thor Knit Cap

Taika Waititi was creating iconic moments all over the place with his smash hit superhero movie, Thor: Ragnarok, one of those being when Thor pulled down his newly designed battle helmet during the Contest of Champions. For your worthiest little one we’ve found this rad Thor helmet knit cap from Marvel, currently on sale for $12.99.

Wonder Woman Wearable Display

Everyone wants to be Wonder Woman after Patty Jenkins’ record-breaking movie and Diana’s 70+ years of comic book canon. Well, now, thanks to the infinitely imaginative people at DC Collectables, you can be! This display set includes a wearable tiara and gauntlets as well as a replica lasso. A must-have for any discerning (and rich) Diana fan at a shiny $300.

DC Vs. Marvel Collection

In the days before Marvel and DC spent all of their time trying to outdo each other at the box office, they were trying to outdo each other at the comic shop! This all culminated in 1996’s DC vs. Marvel, a co-published event that tried to eke out the last pennies from the floundering mid-’90s comic book market. The final product was a surprisingly satisfying result for superhero fans young and old. Containing classic Big Two characters clashing, you can grab out of print gem on Amazon for $13.99.

Which of these will you be adding to your shopping list this holiday season? Let us know!

Images: Amazon, Think Geek, Marvel, DC Collectables, Superhero Stuff, PPW Toys, Toys R US

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