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Her Universe Releases Fierce Fashion Show Highlights from Comic-Con

Are you deeply passionate about for Star Wars, Marvel, and geek fashion? Do you wish you were in the audience at the Her Universe Fashion Show this July to see all the couture designs that artists created for the runway? If you answered yes to both of those questions (or hey, even if you didn’t!), then we have a treat for you. Now you can watch the highlights of the epic night of fashion that Nerdist Industries was proud to collaborate on with Her Universe and Hot Topic: the SDCC Her Universe fashion show.

The fashion show featured 36 different designers who worked for months on their own fashion creations to be judged by a celebrity panel. Of course, in the end, there could be only… two. But seeing the enthusiasm and love that was put into every design is an inspiration to artists across all mediums. For the runners up and show attendees, the grand prize was really the atmosphere of camaraderie and creativity that Her Universe inspired.

The two winners of the competition have been given the opportunity to design a whole collection of fashion pieces with Her Universe that will then be sold in Hot Topic stores. From a knit dress homage to the Fourth Doctor’s scarf to a gown powered by Iron Man’s arc reactor, the choices for competition were, in a word, fierce. In the end, the audience-chosen winner was Andrew MacLaine’s design “Regina’s Curse” based on Once Upon a Time, and the judge’s panel chose Amy Beth Christenson’s design “Great Skirt, Marty” based on Back to the Future. After seeing all the highlights, we can’t wait to see the full collections.

Which design is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. USA Fashion says:

    Great Fashion Shows

  2. Reen Roberts says:

    I NEED a tin dog purse stat!

  3. TommyStJames says:

    I was at that show and it was breath taking. Her Universe hit a home run and the best part is that they used normal people of all sizes as their models. it was refreshing.

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