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Did You Know Hedy Lamarr Was a Secret Genius Inventor?

Hollywood icon by day, genius radio scientist by night—no, it’s not the logline for a new Lifetime film, it’s the true story behind Hedy Lamarr, one of the most acclaimed and obsessed-over actresses of the 20th century. Unfortunately for Hedy, her looks overshadowed her brilliant mind, and left her unappreciated for who she truly was: a world class inventor whom you can thank for a litany of things, including frequency hopping—a.k.a. the thing that keeps your phone and laptops encrypted and safe even now.

Thankfully, I got the opportunity to speak with the documentary filmmaker Alexandra Dean about Hedy’s brilliance, and it’s something she knows firsthand, thanks to her new feature Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. But don’t just trust us—listen to Hedy’s words yourself in the below clip:

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Images: Adrian Curry, Zeitgeist Films

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