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Hear a Rare CD of SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST Star Riffing in 1995

It’s no secret that Reddit is a wealth of information both popular and overlooked. When it comes to music, however, things can get crazy. There’s a ton of subreddits, timing issues, and tags that decrease the chance of something minor making it’s way to the top unless it’s a cult favorite.

That’s where /r/ObscureMedia comes in. The subreddit is devoted to silent films, TV, audio, and more that is for those who have seen everything to be seen already. They recently uncovered this rare spoken word CD starring Space Ghost from Cartoon Network‘s talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and boy is it good.

The 1995 CD titled Yeah, Whatever…  jams a ton of Space Ghost jokes into 22 minutes. Stick around to hear him spout daily affirmations and encourage you to prove to the world that everything really is your business.

First place for content on the CD goes to his best one-liner: “I can open a can of spinach with my butt muscles.” Second place goes to his advice regarding your commute to work: “Ride a horse to work today. If you don’t have a horse, go to the mounted police station and use one of theirs. Tell them it’s for the environment, as if it’s any of their business. They like that! Wear spurs for effect.” Third place goes to his heartfelt reminder: “Pledge your love to your desk calendar; it needs to be told sometimes.” Wait, wait, first place goes to “Learn not to laugh at yourself” instead. You know what, the top 25 things from this CD are actually tied for first place. It’s simply too good.

It’s Space Ghost’s favorite radio station, and it may as well be ours, too. Greeting, citizens!

[h/t Reddit]

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