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Have a Jelly Baby with DOCTOR PUPPET Episode 6 “The Sign of Four”

At long last! The adventures of everyone’s favorite stop-motion Time Lord have returned. It’s been a good while since the last full episode of Alisa Stern’s Doctor Puppet webseries (there’ve been Capaldi Puppet things here and there, of course) but it’s finally back with the next installment. And this one, if I may, is ’70s-tastic.

But first, let’s catch you up if you’ve forgotten: the Eleventh Doctor Puppet is running around, both hither and thither, encountering his past incarnations only to see them taken out of time and space by a strange light. He believes it very possible to be a plot by the Master. In the previous episode, the Doctor literally follows breadcrumbs to Oswald’s Bakery where he meets his 1980s incarnations, the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors, however they too were taken by the light, and a note from the half-destroyed cake told him to give up.

In this episode, Ep 6 entitled “The Sign of Four,” the Eleventh Doctor Puppet walks into the wrong TARDIS and comes face to toothy-curly face with his Fourth self, who offers him a nice Jelly Baby. However, the Doctor is incredibly worried that this one will also befall a zapping fate, and things get even more troubling when another Doctor shows up. Or maybe it’s a Zygon. Guess we’ll find out. Take a look!

What could that door mean? And has the Eleventh Doctor Puppet finally given up? For good? Perhaps now he’ll get to the bottom of things or, more likely, he’ll meet his first two selves before that happens. (I understand patterns, you see.) Special kudos go for the exact replica of the Fourth Doctor’s TARDIS interior. Well done! To keep up to date on all things Doctor Puppet, be sure to subscribe to the channel on YouTube!

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  1. A Doctor Puppet story with a Sherlock title . Sorry – that squealing you just heard was me. 8^)