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Hats Off: New Era x Marvel West Coast Avengers Caps


Avengers and streetwear fanatics assemble! To kick off the fisticuffs and festivities for Marvel’s universe-shaking crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel has teamed up with sultans of streetwear New Era to produce limited edition caps. Midtown Comics in New York City will have 18 East Coast Avengers caps and our very own Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles will have 18 West Coast Avengers caps in a classic Dodger blue colorway. With only 36 hats in existence – 18 of each colorway – these are the fashion equivalent of Infinity Gems. Luckily, we were able to snag a sneak peek at the hero-worthy headwear before they go on sale this Tuesday at 8PM at Meltdown’s Avengers VS X-Men launch event with special guest Ed Brubaker. You can believe us when we say that these will fetch a pretty penny, True Believers, and are a must-have for any Marvel diehard.

MeltCast Promo Video with Ryan Moran and Josh Karp:

What do you think? Will you be trying to get your hands on one or will you send your legions of Doombots to scour E-Bay in the aftermath?

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  1. mike says:

    This is definitely not the first marvel new era collaboration…they have been making marvel new era hats since 2006…I have over 100 of them and even though I agree that this hat isn’t very flashy, it is a must have for the true new era marvel fan…not to mention it matches any avengers or x-men shirt….ordered mine already over the phone…if you guysl wanna see some of the more flashy marvel hats go to and check out my collection

  2. Kevin says:

    Welp, here’s to hoping for something a little more “me”! This one seems more promotional; It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t seem to pop.

  3. Eric Nixon says:

    All of these comic book has are awful. I’m not 15 or in the Wu Tang Klan, I want a regular hat with precurved bill for $20. Not some $45 POS.

  4. jobberthehutt says:

    totally agree this looks like something that would have been given away at a comic con in the 90s. i know its there first collaboration but they should have had some characters on it from the comics. im not going to read the series anyway but i think with what these are most likely going to cost they could have done a better job.

  5. RyanMelt2.0 says:

    GUYS GUYS, this is the first of many collaborations coming from the New Era camp! Trust me, they will only get better from here! Just wait!

  6. theTolly says:

    I agree with Kevin. Not even slightly impressed. Would you really wear that? It’s just an ad for their series, and it’s not even an attractive ad.

  7. Kevin says:

    They’re really just meh. I hope they don’t cost a fortune, even if they’re scarce, there’s not much art work done for me to drop serious coin. Sorry if I like flashy, but its just a blue hat with “A vs. X” on it.