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Hasbro Announces TRANSFORMERS-inspired Rock Album

Transformers owes its exhilarating tone to more than just robots and Shia Labeouf.

Dating back to the 2007 live-action film, Transformers soundtracks have relied on punchy alternative rock to supplement the films’ intense action sequences. Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Used–bands that regularly adhere to that forceful alt rock dynamism–all appeared on the original LP. (Fun fact: “Weird Al” appeared on the soundtrack for the 1986 animated film.)

Transformers has since been established as a pop culture lynchpin, but its alt rock ethos lives on. Hasbro and Sony Music Entertainment are teaming up to release an album inspired entirely by the Transformers franchise, and its lineup features musicians that nicely replace the Linkin Parks and Smashing Pumpkins of a decade ago–albeit with slightly more polished, pop overtones.

“The release of Transformers Roll Out truly demonstrates the pop culture power of theTransformers franchise,” said Stephen Davis, Hasbro’s chief content officer. “With generations of audiences celebrating the brand across television, film, digital entertainment, consumer products and now music, this could not be a more exciting time for Hasbro and the Transformers brand with such a unique project that really delivers on the More Than Meets the Eye brand promise.”

The album’s lead singles were “rolled out” yesterday. Mount Holly’s title track is an alt jam that’s as explosive as a Michael Bay action scene, and Crash Kings’ “Gigantik” is built on space-inflected synths and heavy guitars that resemble the judicious lumber of Optimus Prime. We wonder how this will stack up to the albums borne from Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Let’s dive in below and see.

The album drops on April 15 – check out the full tracklist below:

Transformers Roll Out:
1. Mount Holly (“Roll Out”)
2. Bush (“This House is on Fire”)
3. Crash Kings (“Gigantik”)
4. MEW (“Count to Ten”)
5. Elle Rae (“Into the Fire”)
6. SPURS (“Exiled”)
7. Jameson Burt (“Just a Spark”)
8. Ours (“Stronger”)
9. Darbyâ„¢ (“Modern Man”)
10. Born Cages (“Our Revolution”)


HT: Billboard

IMAGE: Paramount Pictures / Hasbro Studios

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