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HARRY POTTER Shot HARDCORE HENRY-Style is Best Thing You’ll See Today

Every Harry Potter fan wants to know why they never got their letter to Hogwarts. Each and every muggle wants nothing more than to experience what it’s like to actually be a wizard or witch, and perform magic, ride a broom, and practice your defense against the Dark Arts. If only there were some way to really be put in those robes and see the world the way Harry sees it, from his perspective–literally. Kind of like in Hardcore Henry.

Or exactly like in this incredible fan-made trailer that does just that, in a short video titled “Hardcore Henry: Magic Edition.”

This amazing trailer was made from the folks at PistolShrimps, and it transforms the style of the upcoming Hardcore Henry film and its first person point-of-view — the entire movie is seen through the main character’s eyes — into the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling, as “Henry Potter” experiences what it’s like to attend Hogwarts.

Everything about this is great, from the visuals, to the struggles of a young wizard, to the things we may have never thought to try ourselves (transfiguring into a cat so you can be snuggled by the opposite sex must be against school rules). Also, you think you want to see a dragon, right up until you actually see the dragon.

Hardcore Henry doesn’t open nationwide until this Friday, April 8th, so many of you haven’t seen it, but the evil wizard here, Akan, is the main villain of the movie.

This is one of the best parody/mash-up videos we’ve ever seen, and now we want more. So tell us in the comments below what other movie you’d like to see get the Hardcore Henry treatment .

Image: PistolShrimps/YouTube

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