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HARDCORE HENRY PSA Warns of the Dangers of Texting During Movies

The trailers for the upcoming first-person action-adventure Hardcore Henry puts its faceless hero through the ringer. He suffers crash landings, brutal beatings, vehicular collisions, and an inadvertent backflip off a pretty sizable bridge. But none of these hardships compare to sitting to down to a movie you’ve been waiting ages to see only to have the experience ruined by a fellow theater-goer’s cell phone use.

Since its founding in 1997 (the dawn of the cell phone age), the Alamo Drafthouse theater franchise has devoted itself painstakingly to preserving the sanctity of the movie/viewer relationship. While you may be able to get away with it in the average multiplex, talking or texting on your cell phone in an Alamo theater simply doesn’t fly.

Granted, the typical consequence (being asked to leave) doesn’t really compare to what we see in this “Don’t Talk PSA,” created by Alamo and the web filmmaking troupe Rooster Teeth in accordance with the upcoming Hardcore Henry. The titular bionic man and his crazy-eyed partner-in-crime Jimmy—Sharlto Copley, parodying his own role in the film—lose their shit on a guy who won’t stop texting through the picture.

While neither Nerdist nor (we’d imagine) Alamo Drafthouse actually advocates violence, we’re also all pretty decidedly against in-theater rudeness. Let the screen do the talking, everyone. Otherwise you may end up with a face full of cookies (and not in the good way).

And if you do intend on abiding by the rule of cinematic politesse, Alamo would be a great place to check out Hardcore Henry when it hits theaters April 7. Our own Rachel Heine loved the hell out it.

IMAGE: Alamo Drafthouse/Rooster Teeth

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