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Watch Harrison Ford Surprise Alden Ehrenreich During a SOLO Interview

Update, 5/14/18:

Entertainment Tonight posted the full interview, and after Alden Ehrenreich curses in reaction to Harrison Ford dropping in, Ford tells him his thoughts about the film and his performance as Han. He said, “I just thought it was spectacular. And I thought he was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn’t be happier.” Awww.


It’s a question that has got to bug any actor stepping either into or out of a famous role: “What do you think of how the other person does it? And have you spoken to them about it?” Harrison Ford is famously challenging in interviews, often having little interest in humoring journalists he feels aren’t up to the task, while Alden Ehrenreich, who takes over as Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, is clearly so pumped to be there that he’ll tell anyone who’s listening.

But sometimes, you never know just who will be listening. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight that will post online tomorrow, Ehrenreich was asked if he had talked to Ford, and if so, what advice he had been given. Little did he realize there was a famous fact-checker in the room right behind him…

We’re pretty sure Ford was just kidding when he growled at the youngster like Indiana Jones greeting a looter who doesn’t believe things belong in museums. But we’ll let Ehrenreich take that chance, because without George Lucas around to correct things, who knows when the elder Solo will fire first? Fortune and glory comes with a price, kid.

Does Harrison Ford’s “blessing,” such as it is, make you more hyped for Solo? Let us know in comments below.

Image: ET

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