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Harley Morenstein on His Latest Creation, “Epic Chef”

This week, the guys at Epic Meal Time debuted their latest creation, but it’s not one of their notorious and barely edible concoctions. This time, they’ve unveiled a new show, Epic Chef, in which real chefs must make real food from ingredients that, well, let’s just say that if you’ve seen Epic Meal Time, yeah, like that, just Iron Chef-style. The first episode, posted right here, involves breakfast with mac and cheese, lard, rum, and, of course, a case of bacon each. These are real chefs, real judges (including Duff from Charm City Cakes), and real food, just Epic-ized.

Our guys at Nerdist News recently got EMT’s Harley Morenstein to answer a few questions about the new show:

NERDIST NEWS: You’ve got chefs trying to make the types of Epic Meals you’ve become known for. Was anyone afraid that they couldn’t handle what needed to be done to meet the EMT standard?

HARLEY:The thing about Epic Meal Time, and part of its charm, is that it’s the type of things anyone can approach. It requires no training, just some imagination and determination. So it makes sense that trained chefs would want to take a crack at it and hopefully bring it up a level!

NN: What competitive cooking shows did you look to for inspiration?

HM:We are huge fans of Top Iron Chopped Diners vs. Food Chef. So we basically watch everything and take inspiration from all angles. We thought it pretty important to stay true to ourselves though. Which is over-the-top douchebaggery.

NN: Who is your dream celebrity chef to get on the show?

HM:Hands down, the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. He doesn’t mess around in the kitchen.

NN: What is the craziest dish that came out of the competition?

HM:There was some really underwhelming meals, but the best ones were Chilaquiles de Puto, Breakfast Poutine Briefcase, Macaroni inside a Cheeseburger, and a lot more awesome stuff! Most chefs came with the right attitude.

NN: When will we see you competing on Iron Chef?

HM:Never. I don’t cook. Maybe one of the EpicMook or PrinceAtari (can) take a crack at it. They do most of our cooking. I would, however, love to judge one of those. It’d be nice to have a not-foodie judge some of that.

NN: Here’s a quick mystery ingredient: Brussels sprouts. Give us a quick, epic recipe for it.

HM:Take the Brussels sprouts. Salt them lightly. Heat them up in some oil in a sauce pan for about 8-10 minutes. Then take the saucepan off the stove and empty the Brussels sprouts onto a paper towel. Take that paper towel and wrap the Brussels sprouts up. Throw them in the garbage. Cook bacon. Eat the bacon.

NN: Where are you at with your Japanese spin-off?

HM:I think Japan is a little worried. After all, we’re the Cooking Game Godzilla.

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    How can my husband enter to be a chef on there?