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Halloween Food Inspired by Miyazaki’s SPIRITED AWAY

Hayao Miyazaki’s films are inspiring, creepy, and beautiful all at the same time. His characters evoke whimsy and spirit that stay with you long after the story is over. This Halloween season, there’s no better way to celebrate than by watching a Studio Ghibli film and making up some movie-inspired eats.

Food blogger YukiKitchen, who has previously made adorable food like panda shaped boba, tried her hand at making disgusting Halloween food this year, which somehow still came out pretty darn charming.

Kaonashi Yakisoba-10262015

Using Spirited Away as inspiration, she turned traditional yakisoba fried noodles into an edible Kaonashi Yakisoba dish. Kaonashi’s mouths are located in their belly area. Have you ever seen a Kaonashi eat cake? Now you have. The body is made by forming a rice ball, covering it in seaweed, and creating a grotesque mouth from a blood red beet.

Yubaba Miso Soup-10262015

YukiKitchen also created a Yubaba Miso Soup made with the face of the film’s intimidating character. Her giant head was created out of rice with shirataki noodles forming her hair. Seaweed, cabbage and carrot earring complete her face as she swims in a bowl of homemade Miso Soup.

Soot Sprite Pumpkin Smoothie-10262015

Finally, inspired by Miyazaki’s adorable Soot Sprites, YukiKitchen creates a pumpkin smoothie studded with little mochi Soot Sprites. Cute, tasty, and vegan, too. I’m guessing it’s going to be hard to eat with those sweet little faces staring back at you.

YukiKitchen makes these frightfully delicious Miyazaki masterpieces seem easy to make — they’re definitely worth a try for a Halloween treat.

If you’re a Miyazaki fan, make sure you watch The Dan Cave for a completely mind blowing theory on My Neighbor Totoro. I’ll never look at that movie the same.

Will you be making any Studio Ghibli meals for Nerdoween? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on Instagram to show us your creations!

Images: YukiKitchen

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