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Adorable and Edible Panda Tapioca Milk Tea

If there’s a drink that’s sweeping the nation, it’s Tapioca Milk Tea. (Stay with us on this.) Asian Tea houses are popping up all over the country, usually around colleges due to their late hours and high caffeine output.

Boba drinks are the most coveted; the soft, chewy tapioca sucked up through a wide straw somehow gives your drink just the right amount of texture. No matter how awful that sounds it is fabulously satisfying, I assure you.

Though boba drinks are gaining in popularity in America, you might want to avoid ordering them that way when you leave the U.S. In Chinese boba means “big breast” so just ordering bubble tea would be a better way to go.

Panda Boba shape-05072015

Language barrier aside, food blogger Yukitchen has solved all boba/bubble problems by creating her own handmade panda boba. The kawaii factor of these are out of this world adorable. Each little tapioca is handmade with just three ingredients. The step by step instructions for this are so easy to follow, you’ll want to run out and make your own panda bobas until your fingers fall off. Once the panda boba are made, boiled and drained, simply pour over your drink of choice.

Sure, sucking panda heads up a straw and then chewing them to bits may seem inhumane, but let’s stay focused on the cute. All the chewy, delicious cute.

Check out the Yukitchen blog for more recipes and her instagram for lots of bear-shaped food.

Panda Boba by Yukitchen-05062015

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