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16 Cute and Spooky Enamel Pins You Need for Halloween

As someone who isn’t a fan of being scared, I lean into the friendlier aspects of Halloween, like smiling carved pumpkins and vintage card art featuring black cats wearing witch hats. It’s that kind of aesthetic I had in mind when curating this list of cute and spooky enamel pins to add to your Nerdoween ensembles.

Whether you attach them to a denim jacket, a hat, or a backpack, Halloween pins are just the accessories to bring some scare to your flair. The below pins are some of our favorites; the shops and makers are all linked so pull out your pumpkin pail and treat yo’ self.

Bats and Pumpkins

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Like glittery bats and precious pumpkins? Lantern Pins has you covered with several options, plus bonus eerie Disney Parks inspired designs.

Kitty Witches

I said I liked cats in witch hats and Two Ghouls Press delivered with these lucky and chilling kitteh designs.

Pin-Up Witch

If you’re in a mood to cast some spells, Stephanie Buscema‘s Cauldron Cuties are the pins you’ve been looking for.

Haunted Happy Meal

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Remember McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal pails from the ’80s? Yesterdays has them as tiny lil’ pins.

Muppet Mash-up

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Maybe you didn’t know you needed a pin combining Kermit from The Muppets with the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. Now you know, and you can get the pin from Creepy Co.

Pumpkins and Ghosts

A post shared by Linda Hong (@lindapanda) on

Bat kitty. Sparkly ghosts. A pumpkin spice latte. These are just a few of the pins from Linda Hong’s shop that are going on my wish list.

Psychic Times

For a gorgeous floral supernatural pin, point your browser to Enerjax‘s corner of the web. I need one of every pin in this shop.

Magical Skulls

A post shared by Dizziness (@thedizziness) on

Look underneath the skulls of unicorns and dragons with these pins by Dizziness.

Nice Arachnid

Spiders don’t have to be frightening, as this design by Valley Cruise Press proves.


If you like to wear vampy red lipstick, why not get the enamel pin to match? Bonus: this has fangs. Snag it from Pepper Raccoon.

Join the Club

A post shared by Dee Wahlung (@undeaddee) on

Feel like a foolish mortal? Then this Haunted Mansion inspired pin from Dee Wahlung is for you.

Witches and Wizards

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Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter? Jeff at the Movies is looking into our dreams.

Snack Time

What’s that? You’ve always wanted to see a mummy eating pizza? This design by Night Cake Press fits the bill (and yes, it’s still available).

Ghosts and Caffeine

Coffee keeps me from being a dead thing, so this enamel pin by Krystan Saint Cat is all too appropriate.

Sweet Monsters

Alisdair Wood is making slashers precious with his Hellraiser, Pennywise, Jason, and Freddy chibi-style pins.

Prehistoric Tricks and Treats

A post shared by kate gabrielle (@kategabrielle) on

Kate Gabrielle knows how to turn back the clock to find dino inspiration. This trick or treating T. Rex isn’t the only dinosaur in costume in her shop.

Have you spotted any cute and spooky pins made for Nerdoween? Share links to your picks in the comments or tell us on Twitter: @amy_geek and @nerdist.

Featured Image: Lantern Pins

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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