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Guy Proposes to Girlfriend with Bookshelf Snake Game, Wins Marriage

It’s a biblical story with which we’re all familiar: There’s a man and a woman, there’s a snake doing shifty snake things, and there’s an apple. Except this particular story isn’t about Adam and Eve; it’s about Nadia and Øyvind from Norway. And the apple isn’t an apple, it’s an Apple laptop. And the snake isn’t a real snake, it’s a bookshelf version of the classic 1976 arcade game, which Øyvind used to propose to Nadia in the coolest, nerdiest, most ingenious fashion (possibly ever).

Because Øyvind is a total romantic boss who was able to record himself proposing to Nadia in their living room, we have complete footage of said proposal, which you can check in the video above. Not only does the video capture the big moment, it also showcases that sweet, sweet snake game-enabled bookshelf Øyvind engineered using, according to Nadia’s post-proposal blog post, “[a] RaspberryPi, Neopixels and wiring and whatnot.” The bookshelf/video game is also played using an Xbox controller, and for the love of Atari, can Øyvind please start designing more playable furniture already?!

Klart vi må ha snake i bokhylla!

A video posted by Nadia Tokerud (@nakrissimo) on

According to her blog post, it seems that Nadia had no idea the proposal was coming. She said that Øyvind was excited to show her improvements to the game—which had already gone viral on the internet—including the killscreen. “So I played,” she said, “And I died. And I cursed. And I played more. And then I died again. And then my heart stopped beating. And there was a box. With a ring. With a blue stone.”

And then, after an exclamation that went something like “OMGILOVEYOU,” Nadia said yes. And the lesson of the story is that video games bring people together and nobody should have thrown out their black-and-white Nokia 3310s from 2000.

Oh, and along with Snake, Øyvind’s bookshelf/video game can also play Tetris (Nadia, you definitely made the right decision):

What do you think about this bookshelf/video game console and Øyvind’s unique proposal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Nadia Tokerud

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