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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VFX Reel Reveals The Layers That Make Up Knowhere

Haven’t seen The Guardians Of The Galaxy yet? How did you get to this website? Well, even in the highly unlikely event that some people have yet to experience the thrill of Marvel’s space opera/comedy/action spectacle, there is no denying the majesty of the visual effects created by British FX house Framestore. Rocket Racoon and Groot alone are enough to show just how outstanding their work is, but creature effects are not the only thing Framestore was in charge of. In a space opera, strange alien creatures, imaginative vehicles and technology, and fantastical locations all have their parts to play in bringing a story to life. This includes fantastical locations like Knowhere.


Over on their site, Framestore offers the video above looking deeper into their process for creating the world of Knowhere set deep inside the severed head of a celestial being. The video gives a look at the various layers and steps the team took to build Knowhere and plan a whole dogfight sequence though it. Kyle McCulloch, Framestore’s VFX Supervisor, recalls how much time and effort his team put into creating the backwater truck stop of Knowhere.

“I have a lot of favourite things about this show, but my heart belongs to the interior of Knowhere. We just spent so much time developing it and making it a real place. We designed different neighbourhoods with different colours and different types of houses, there’s so much backstory that went into the design and making it complex enough to be real. In the end I hope it just goes by and provides a great visual backdrop, but for us there was so much that went into making it.”


Check out the full story over on Framestore’s website, including a few awesome slider pictures comparing final shots from the film to the work prints as well as learning about the challenges of The Collector’s vault. Also be sure to leave a comment below before you dive head first into a world on the edge of the galaxy.


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  1. TET says:

    It’s a testament to modern CGI and especially the CGI artists that worked on this film that, in the last shot of Rocket Raccoon, I wondered why he didn’t have any green screen behind him like Chris Pratt does earlier in the video… then my brain caught up and remembered the raccoon is all CGI too.

    Much appreciate the David Bowie track on the video too.