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Hot Toys’ BABY GROOT Life Size Figure is Cosmically Adorable

Hot Toys’ BABY GROOT Life Size Figure is Cosmically Adorable

From the moment he appeared at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone and their mother has wanted their own baby Groot to own and cherish. Once you saw him dancing to the Jackson 5 in his little pot, you wanted to shout out “where do I get one?” in the theater. Until you remembered that it’s just a movie, and and there is no such thing as sentient, anthropomorphic trees in real life. Nevertheless, having a baby Groot all your own has never left your mind for long, admit it.

But now, thanks to Screen Crush, we’ve learned that you can have the next best thing — a baby Groot life size figure, which will be coming soon from Hot Toys. If you’re not familiar with Hot Toys, they’re the high end toy company that makes incredibly life-like 1/6 scale replica figures of characters from movies ranging from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Star Wars, to even The Godfather.

The figures are so realistic looking, at times you can’t tell whether you’re looking at toys or actual photos of the actors from the film. The company is taking advantage of Baby Groot’s still-small height in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to give fans the actual life size replica they’ve always wanted.

Baby Groot will come with three different heads, including a smiling head, an “attentive” head, and a “concentrating very hard” head. He’ll also come with a Ravagers coat to wear, as well as additional branch hands that have bendable wires, which will allow for more poseability. Baby Groot figure will be available for pre-order soon from Sideshow Collectibles. There is no price for this high end toy just yet, but it is expected to set you back around $220-$250 or so, and should be arriving in 2018. You can see images of the Baby Groot prototype figure in our gallery down below.

So do you want this adorable baby Groot figure on your shelf as much as we do? Be sure to let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel / Hot Toys

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