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Greg Nicotero Brings THE WALKING DEAD’S Zombies to Universal Studios Hollywood

For years, The Walking Dead Experience has been a Comic-Con staple and AMC’s undead walkers even filled Universal Studios’ annual Halloween events. But now, television’s most famous zombies are getting their own permanent attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios has posted a new video about the making of The Walking Dead attraction, in which the TV series’ zombie guru, Greg Nicotero demonstrated just how faithful it will be to the show that spawned it. For starters, the very same molds that made the most iconic zombies of the series are being used to create animatronic walkers that can actually move!

“We’re getting a chance to do animatronic characters that we’ve never done before,” said Nicotero in the video. “We’re getting a chance to use molds that were created specifically for the show and translate them into parts of the attraction. It’s one of a kind, state of the art. I can’t wait.”

While the “bicycle girl” zombie was the only walker mentioned by name in the video, it’s probably not a coincidence that Nicotero’s interview was also filmed in front of the bloated well zombie from the second season. We’d be surprised if it didn’t show up in the attraction as well.

Universal Studios also unveiled a new poster for The Walking Dead attraction, which calls back to the imagery from the pilot episode of the series.

The Walking Dead attraction

The Walking Dead attraction will open at Universal Studios Hollywood on July 4. For more info, you can check out our earlier coverage of this new attraction from WonderCon!

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead attraction? Be on the lookout for walkers in the comment section below!

Image: Universal Studios Hollywood

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