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Greendale Grows! COMMUNITY Adds Paget Brewster and Keith David to the Meta Madness

The Flame King comes to Community! Well, sort of but not literally: Keith David (he of the aforementioned Adventure Time fame) and she’s-been-in-so-many-of-the-things (like Thrilling Adventure Hour and Nerdist Presents) Paget Brewster are slated to be the new batch of Greendalians unleashed upon the world in the sixth season of Community during its premiere season on Yahoo! Screen. Huzzah, hooray, yippee, etc!

Both actors are no doubt familiar to fans of the once-upon-an-NBC series, as David’s voice helped narrated the faux-Ken Burns-esque documentary from the Season 3 episode “Pillows and Blankets,” and Brewster appeared in an episode last season — “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” — as IT department staff member Debra Chambers.

This time, though, their work on the show will take them center stage and keep them there — both have signed on to play series regulars (no doubt attempting to fill the Yvette Nicole Brown, Jonathan Banks, John Oliver, and Donald Glover-shaped holes in our hearts). As for their new iterations, well, here’s a bit more about that: Brewster has been tapped to play Francesca “Frankie” Dart, “a consultant hired to help shape things up at the underachieving school,” reports TV Guide. And David will appear as a retired scientist named Elroy Patashnik, coming to Greendale in the name of reinvention — because, hey, what better place to reinvent yourself than a failing school with a bunch of stone-cold weirdos? Endearing weirdos, to be sure, but total kookaroos nonetheless.

It’s easy to see how the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, might weave these character’s own troubles and responsibilities and basic existences into representations of his own issues getting the show off the ground, keeping it on the air only to have it ultimately fail in the mainstream, to then be reborn on the Internet. Reinvention is the name of the game! Here’s hoping they can pull it through til the movie (don’t stop believing). Because we want what any fan of Greendale (that’s also a fan of The West Wing references) wants: to let Harmon be Harmon, and really let this thing go off the rails with referential meta-fantasticalness. It’s your show, Harmon: live it!

What are your hopes for season six of Community? Let us hear ’em in the comments.

Image: NBC

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  1. Oldestgenxer says:

    I need to know how to watch the show. And when will we know it’s on? Do I have to Google Yahoo, and then ask it for something meta?

  2. Keon Marek says:

    I want 1 more D&D trilogies are a key

  3. Brian Haslip says:

    I didn’t actually know that Keith David was a real person. I’ve only known of him from Saint’s Row.

  4. Louie says:

    I am 2 seasons in to a West Wing re-watch. Also, just sayin’…

  5. Brittany says:

    Has John Oliver officially said he wont be returning? Last Week Tonight is on hiatus and Community starts shooting next week. Just sayin….