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Grant Imahara is Building a Working, Laser-Shooting Iron Man Gaunlet

We always thought one of the MythBusters might turn out to be Tony Stark…

Former MythBuster and all around engineering wizard Grant Imahara is more excited than you are for Captain America: Civil War. He’s so excited that he has teamed up with Mouser Electronics and Marvel proper to create his own Iron Man gauntlet, a Grantlet if you will, complete the most powerful lasers he could legally obtain. Of course an engineer would be Team Iron Man.


Grant isn’t the only one crafting hero gear. Joining him is Allen Pan, a YouTuber who made a clever real-world version of Thor’s hammer and a real lightsaber. The hammer used an electromagnet coupled with fingerprint sensors to lock itself in place on top of metal surfaces unless you are worthy (read: had Pan’s fingerprints). And the lightsaber was basically a mini flamethrower. Pan is taking the side of Team Cap for this build and creating a version of Captain America’s shield that can really ricochet of walls.


The video above is only a teaser — Imahara and Pan will undoubtedly show off their creations in more videos to come from Mouser. We’re pretty sure Grant’s laser is going to set some stuff on fire. Will he be able to fly before Civil War drops? Probably not. But a nerd can dream.

If you could have any piece of Marvel tech, what would it be? Falcon’s wings? Ant-Man’s suit? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Marvel, Mouser Electronics

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