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Movie Morsels: New Footage and Posters from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

The advance word on Captain America: Civil War is so strong that I’ve been fighting the urge to see or hear anything more about the film until I’m sitting in a movie theater watching the Marvel Studios logo appear on screen. But hey, what’s the point in fighting when we’ve got cool new footage and international posters like we do in today’s Movie Morsels? We also have the latest on Deadpool 2, the Avatar sequels, and much more!

Captain America: Civil War

There’s just two and a half weeks to go before Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th. So let’s make the wait even more unbearable with some new international posters for the film (seen in the gallery below), featuring representatives from bother Team Cap and Team Iron Man: Cap, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, and, my favorite, the Falcon — with his brand-spanking-new robotic Redwing. Plus, there’s some extended footage from the film to be found in the following new Audi ad.

[Coming Soon, Marvel]

Deadpool 2


In other Marvel movie news… Let’s hear it for director Tim Miller and producer Simon Kinberg, who are using their clout from the megasuccessful Deadpool to try to persuade Marvel Studios/Disney to allow Spider-Man’s presence in the sequel. In a new interview, Kinberg says, “I would love to see it. Both of us are close with [Marvel’s] Kevin [Feige], we respect and love Kevin. If it were even remotely possible, we will find a way ’cause we’d love to see it.”

Adds Miller, “My favorite comic books in the old days used to be like DC vs. Marvel, Teen Titans vs. the X-Men or Teen Titans vs. New Mutants. Justice League vs. the Avengers. This could be something like that”

[Superhero Hype]



After years of delays, James Cameron looks like he’s finally about to start shooting those Avatar sequels. Speaking with Famous Monsters of Filmland, the director remarks that the now four films won’t be shot in succession…

“It’s not back-to-back. It’s really all one big production. It’s more the way you would shoot a miniseries. So we’ll be shooting across all [Avatar scripts] simultaneously. So Monday I might be doing a scene from Movie Four, and Tuesday I’m doing a scene from Movie One… We’re working across, essentially, eight hours of story. It’s going to be a big challenge to keep it all fixed in our minds, exactly where we are, across that story arc at any given point. It’s going to be probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m sure the actors will be challenged by that as well. It’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, this person hasn’t died yet, so you’re still in this phase of your life.’ It’s a saga. It’s like doing all three Godfather films at the same time.”


Now You See Me 3

Jon M. Chu

Although the appeal of the first Now You See Me was somewhat lost on me, I confess the sequel has me intrigued. And not just due to the presence of the always wonderful Lizzy Caplan… Lionsgate is so happy with the June 10th release that the studio has already signed director Jon M. Chu (pictured above) on to a sequel!



Finally today.. We have the trailer for Equals, a futuristic romantic thriller in the tradition of THX 1138 and Logan’s Run. Directed by Drake Doremus and starring X-Men‘s Nicholas Hoult and that bored girl from Twilight. Has Kristen Stewart finally found a setting as emotionless as she is? We’ll find out when the film opens May 26th via DirecTV Cinema, followed by a limited theatrical release on July 15th…


What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

Images: Marvel, Disney, Lionsgate, Fox


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