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GOTHAM Gets Full Series Order, Plus Its First Teaser Trailer

Well, it’s all here: mean streets, murdered parents.

Tiny Poison Ivy.

On the heels of the news that the prequel series Gotham was getting at least 13 episodes, Fox has just released the first teaser trailer for the fall show.

For those of you not in the know, the series will follow the early career of pre-mustache Gotham P.D. Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he navigates the dangerous criminal underworld of the eponymous town. Gordon’s story will presumably run parallel with that of young Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) in the aftermath of the murder of the billionaire youth’s parents, while early versions of some of his most famous villains flit around the margins of the story.

For you continuity obsessives out there wondering how Selina Kyle/Catwoman is apparently a few years older than Bruce or why Penguin and Riddler are substantially older, fret not: consider this like Smallville, in which everything is probably all going to happen at once before getting a kind of reset when our hero (finally) dons his iconic costume.

No word on a concrete premiere date, but expect the first episode of Gotham to air sometime this fall on Fox.

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  1. SharlzG says:

    Couldn’t really get into Smallville (though friends tell me I didn’t hold on long enough) but I actually like to look of this.

    I’m a fan of superheroes and don’t mind a bit of “comic book” cheese, but the thing I love about Arrow is that they’ve taken a hero and put them into a believable world and made them relateable by showing their flaws and their “human”-ness – you feel compelled to watch because, though they began as rich jerks, life struck them a blow that took them out of the superficial and they had to work out how to deal with that so it’s not just about the super abilities, but about them as people.

    Gotham looks to have that similar angle which could make it similarly good and I’m willing to give it my “3 episodes to impress me”

  2. gdkool says:

    One thing that annoys me when they make tv shows out of comics is they contradict nearly everything. Smallville was great but it was annoying that anybody and everybody was showing up, from Louis Lane and the rest of the Daily Planet staff to superheros.
    Is this what Gothams going to be like?

  3. Ashley says:

    They better not cancel this after one season like they did to Almost Human… Still mad about that.

  4. Nathan says:

    Wait is it a full series or 13 episodes? This article confuses me.

  5. Supreme Power says:

    after years on SPIN CITY, Richard Kind finally gets to be Mayor!!

  6. Joshua says:

    It seems like it might be fun but I just can’t get excited for Lil’ Poison Ivy and the other kids. That just doesn’t seem very interesting yet.

  7. Mark.E says:

    As a die hard fan of Smallville and a disappointed one in Arrow this show looks to be DC show I’ve been waiting for!

  8. Grahm says:

    There appear to be zeppelins floating above the Gotham skyline. Young Selina Kyle wears goggles. Is this a steampunk Batman origin story?

  9. Jim says:

    Even odds it won’t make it past one season. Because, you know, FOX.

  10. Erich S. says:

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but now that I’ve seen a trailer, I’m totally onboard!