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Gorgeous Montage of Best Picture Nominees in LEGO

A well-paced movie montage, set to appropriate music and using the best lines and moments from the big screen, can make you nostalgic for a film you haven’t even seen. Heck, a good montage can make you wistful for things you didn’t even necessarily like initially, making you reconsider your own opinion on its quality, almost like a reverse trailer. No matter what you think of this year’s Best Picture nominees, when artfully pieced together they make the year in movies for 2015 look as good as any that have come before. There’s nothing weird about that–it’s just the awesome power of the montage.

What is weird is that all of that is still true even when the montage is done in LEGOs.

This video was built by one of our favorites, the folks behind the Toscano Bricks YouTube page, and it covers all eight nominees for this year’s biggest Oscar: Spotlight, The Big Short, Brooklyn, Bridge of Spies, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, and Room.

I have to say, LEGO Leo sure did a lot of crawling around (even in this short montage) through the rough, LEGO wilderness. I bet he wins the LEGO Oscar, even though LEGO Matt Damon really deserves it.

Also, LEGO Mark Ruffalo is really intense for being a tiny piece of painted plastic.

Which of these nominees would you most like to see a full length LEGO version of? I vote for LEGO Mad Max: Fury Road. “I build, I take apart, I build again!” Tell us yours in the comments section below.

Images: Toscano Bricks

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