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Get STAR WARS Chic with Rey’s Jacket, Leia’s Vest, and More

Geek fashion is no longer limited to a tiny part of the universe. The variety of merchandise and price points available means it’s officially a bona fide phenomenon, complete with its own subcategories—one of those being Star Wars fashion. You can buy everything from t-shirts to high end pieces inspired by costumes; Matchless London has you covered in the latter department. The company has a gorgeous collection inspired by Star Wars, including offerings from The Force Awakens. They have a replica of Poe Dameron’s jacket, of course—it’s a popular design being duplicated by more than one company. But I’m happy to report Matchless has a version styled in a women’s cut. Just look at this beauty:

I’d live on quarter portions and insta-space muffins for a while if it meant owning that jacket.

Matchless’ Star Wars line includes jackets of various lengths and styles as well as vests. They have leather designs inspired by Han Solo’s vest from the original trilogy and Leia’s puffed Hoth vest.

As mentioned, this is a high end collection; prices start around $600. Scroll down to the gallery below to see more of Matchless’ Star Wars line. You’ll find a vest inspired by Poe Dameron’s X-wing pilot uniform, a brown leather version of Han’s coat from The Empire Strikes Back, an Obi-Wan Kenobi-inspired parka that’s distressed and gorgeous, and much more. Once your drool has formed a substantial puddle, head to Matchless to start shopping and/or adding apparel to your wish list.

Which of these Star Wars designs has the most Force? Tell me your favorites in the comments.

IMAGES: Matchless London


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