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GILMORE GIRLS Revival Adds Dean and Christopher to the Mix

It’s official. All of Rory’s exes will be returning for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. Matt Czuchry (Logan) was confirmed a while ago, Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) shared he’d be back on Wednesday, and now, Variety has reported Jared Padalecki will take a break from hunting monsters on Supernatural to return as Dean Forester. When we last saw Dean, he was bitter and angry about the way things ended with Rory the second time–you know, after he got divorced because he cheated on his wife with Rory.

Dean is my least favorite of Rory’s beaus. He threw too many temper tantrums for my taste and didn’t always understand Rory’s devotion to her future. I was obviously so much more rational than him when I was a teenager. For all his flaws though, he was Rory’s first love and could be very sweet:


I hope Dean has matured and turned into a cooler guy, but we’ll see. We don’t yet know how many of the four installments Padalecki will be appearing in. I’m guessing his time in Stars Hollow will be much different than when Sam and Dean Winchester took a tour of the Warner Bros. lot in the very meta episode of Supernatural called “Hollywood Babylon.”

There’s another return to report, too! David Sutcliffe will reprise his role as Rory’s dad and Lorelai’s ex Christopher. He hinted at this with a tweet on January 29:

He’s always going to be part of Rory’s life, so it makes sense to have him back in the picture even if it’s only for a single episode. I hope this means we’ll get to see an older Gigi because I’m curious about how that kid turned out.

Head to the comments and share your predictions about what Dean’s and Christopher’s roles will be in the revival. And don’t forget: to keep up on all the latest about the return to Stars Hollow, bookmark this guide.

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