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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from THE X-FILES, THE 100, and More

I watch television for all sorts of reasons, and one of those reasons is the little things. You know, those fleeting character moments where someone has the perfect expression or delivers the line just right. Nowadays, those scenes are captured in GIF format and immortalized for the internet. It’s like magic. I collect my favorite GIFs from TV each week, and I hope you save them and use them in texts conversations or on social media. This week’s list includes shots from The X-Files, The 100, and more.

1. Dazed and Confused

The Shannara Chronicles’ Amberle and Wil have been been doing the will they, won’t they dance since they first met, more or less. Their conversations occasionally result in adorable “I can’t even” expressions like this one.

Use this GIF when: You don’t have the words.
[via Ohmsford Gifs]

2. No One Fights for You

Whatever crap Commander Lexa has pulled in The 100, you have to respect her as a leader. As we were reminded in the most recent episode, she literally fights her own battles and doesn’t back down from challenges.

Use this GIF when: You’re ready to rise to the occasion.
[via alyciaxcarey]

3. One Moment Please

Strategic Scientific Reserve agents and Jarvis went on a group outing in the last Agent Carter, and though they left the agency on a dramatic note, they lost a step when Jarvis didn’t have the car handy. Oops. PS: Jarvis is the actual best.

Use this GIF when: You’ll be right back.
[via Jay]

4. Ask Questions Later

I didn’t mean for this week’s collection of GIFs to turn into a gallery of badass women, but here we are. Suits’ Jessica Pearson is one of the most intimidating characters on television, and she vowed to take care of some business in “God’s Green Earth.” I’d stay out of her way.

Use this GIF when: You feel like possibly burning some bridges.
[via Amber]

5. A Gentle Touch

Scully and Mulder have been dealing with demons from the past in The X-Files revival. Things came to a head in the latest installment, and Mulder offered comfort like a boss.

Use this GIF when: Someone you care about needs a hug and you can’t deliver it in person.
[via Anderson Daily]

6. Hold Me, Barry

When Cisco gets into tight situations, he often hangs on to Barry. This happened during the recent journey to Earth-2 on The Flash when the pals ran into a doppelganger of someone who was evil on their Earth.

Use this GIF when: You’re feeling shocked/and or disgusted.
[via vaynethehuman]

Which scenes from TV in the last week have jumped out at you? Share links to GIFs in the comments or get in touch with me on Twitter.


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