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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from SUPERGIRL, GALAVANT, and More

You know when you see something on television and you can feel it will be a handy in a text conversation or in a tweet? I understand this feeling. If you, like me, have a tiny addiction to animated gifs, you’ll appreciate the images ahead. I’ve rounded up my favorite moments from television in the last week-this time they’re from Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Galavant, and more—and your mission is to save them and use them well.

1. Just an Ol’ Softie

Galavant took an unsuspecting romantic turn by putting together Gareth and Madalena in its last episode. Vinnie Jones has been able to sing lines like “there’s sparkly-fizz in my nethers” and have sweet smiles like this one. Aww.
Use this gif when: You feel incredibly moved by a kind gesture.
[via vedderman]

2. Feeling Flustered

Is anything more adorkable than when Kara gets flustered on Supergirl? She’s such a terrible liar that it’s amazing she keeps her other identity a secret. This was her reaction to Adam asking about whether she’s the one who wrote the letter from Cat.
Use this gif when: You don’t want to/can’t take credit for something you did.
[via kat]

3. Oh No, She Didn’t

The second part of the Legends of Tomorrow pilot had the team run into a younger Martin Stein. When Sara knocked him out (with a bong, no less), present day Stein reacted perfectly. Isn’t Victor Garber the best?
Use this gif when: You need to express complete shock.
[via brian]

4. A Direct Question

Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess doesn’t hide how she feels. She’s always blunt, and I admire her for it. She speaks her mind and asks the hard-hitting questions—like this one.
Use this gif when: Someone can’t give you a straight answer.
[via Alexa]

5. Blame Someone Else

I might have to include Captain Cold gifs every week. I can’t help myself. Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of the character is perfect, and now that he’s on Legends regularly…
Use this gif when: You irritate someone but want to blame him or her for it.
[via hayley]

6. Walking Away

Do you watch Suits? You should. It returned on Thursday, and Jessica and Louis had a conversation about Lord of the Rings… while Lewis was enjoying a spa mud bath. Of course. Jessica declined to join him.
Use this gif when: Yeah, I think you know what this one’s for.
[via heart suits]

Do you have great gifs to share from TV this week? Drop links in the comments and share them with me on Twitter.


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