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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from AGENT CARTER, SUPERNATURAL, and More

In these modern days, being able to use gifs to communicate your feelings can be a valuable skill—for better or worse. They’re more expressive than a simple emoji and a fun, visual way to represent a favorite quote from a film or television series. I see moments on TV throughout the week that are prime gif material, and I’m going to start sharing them with you week to week, along with advice on the situations they’re perfect for. This time around I have some solid selections from Agent Carter, Supernatural, and more.

1. Make It Rain

Agent Carter returned to TV, and Peggy continued her grand tradition of using whatever’s on hand in a fight. This scene of her knocking out Dottie with a bag of money is about as beautiful as it gets.
Use this gif when: You want to congratulate someone on financial success.
[via Grounder Girl 7]

2. Speak with Conviction

A young Princess Leia Organa made her first appearance on Star Wars Rebels, and she taught Ezra that even those who don’t have to fight should. And yeah, it’s technically two gifs.
Use this gif when: You need to encourage a friend to be brave.
[via mikaylah]

3. Soar Through the Skies

The award for the most delightful minute of television in the last week should go to Supergirl for this flight sequence with Martian Manhunter. I mean, best or best?
Use this gif when: You need to express utter joy to a friend.
[via Marcsischo]

4. Drown Your Pain

Everyone in The 100 has some kind of problem, and Raven reacted to hers with a tried and true method: booze.
Use this gif when: I think this one is self-explanatory.
[via Charlie]

5. Time for a Fight.

Will I include a gif of Captain Cold every single week? Maybe. Probably. This one of him prepping for a barroom brawl in Legends of Tomorrow is so very Leonard Snart.
Use this gif when: You need to express you’ve had enough already.
[via The Shadow of a Writer]

6. Express Your Feelings.

Crowley never holds back how he truly feels on Supernatural. We should all strive to be like him–in that regard only though.
Use this gif when: You want to end a conversation and/or friendship.
[via Oh My Supernatural]

What gifs did you see this week that stuck in your brain? Share links to ’em in the comments!


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