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Have you ever spent more than five minutes searching for just the right GIF to capture your current state of mind? If so, you’re in the right place. I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to express myself without tons of words (which makes total sense for a writer), and I keep a close eye on everything I watch to look for moments that will come in useful in texts and tweets later. Then I share them with you in GIFtastic TV. Neat! This week’s GIFs include scenes from Outlander, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Once Upon a Time.

1. Oh, Please.

Claire found a new occupation in the most recent Outlander and didn’t exactly tell Jamie about it. This was the look she gave Murtagh when he reminded her he told her Jamie wouldn’t be thrilled. It’s a perfect, subtle look of exasperation.
Use this GIF when: You’re over it.
[via Outlander-Starz]

And when you need to take a bow after accomplishing something awesome:

[via Lost in Lallybroch]

2. Reassuring Words

Of all the characters on Legends of Tomorrow, Mick Rory has surprised me the most. The additional screen time he has in the time traveling series has allowed Heat Wave to have some unexpected development, such as this moment of giving his younger self a pep talk of sorts.
Use this GIF when: You need to remind someone he or she isn’t to blame.
[via Big Bad Wolves]

3. Captain Charming

Anytime we get to see Captain Hook and Charming bond on Once Upon a Time is pure gold as far as I’m concerned, and they had a heart to heart in the last episode.
Use this GIF when: Someone surprises you with a kind gesture.
[via Big Bad Wolves]

Slightly raised eyebrows are always handy to have in your GIF arsenal:

[via Maria]

4. Bring It In

Is Joe West always the most adorable on The Flash? Yes, yes he is. He was in prime father mode in “Versus Zoom” when he asked Wally to move in with him. Look at that smile.
Use this GIF when: You want to express how happy you are about someone’s good news.
[via The Flash Land]

Because we all need a little of Barry Allen adorkableness:

[via Ashley]

Did you save any GIFs from the last week or so of television? I’d love to see ’em! Leave links in the comments or come talk to me on Twitter.

Images: Starz, The CW, ABC

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