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Get Your Boogie On and MOON DANCE With Us at San Diego Comic-Con

Hey sexopants, do you like to move it, move it? We certainly hope you do, because Comic-Con is only a couple days away and we’re getting ready to break it down like it’s Friday night at Moxxi’s Tavern. Come cut crater with us as we bring down the house at Petco Park with the brand spanking new Moon Dance.

Not too keen on dancing in public? Psh, you better lose that coyness like it’s poisonous, cause we’re talking one of the biggest dance mobs to ever form in San Diego Comic-Con history! Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that? Besides, this is your chance to fulfill your dream of being a part of America’s Best Dance Crew (at least for that very particular moment). Think about it, we’ll be just like the Jabbawockeez, but dressed up like these Borderlands bandits:


If that sick ass costume suggestion didn’t convince you and you’re still a little weary about letting your body freely express itself through movement, then just think of the Moon Dance as dancing the Rhumba, but in zero gravity. No, wait, that doesn’t sound right at all… Let’s try that again. Just think of it as playing an intense game of Dance Central in an attempt to beat an extremely high score on the hardest difficulty. Hmmm… That’s a bit better. But you know what, don’t listen to my non-dancing ass, just take a look at the video above and learn how to move like a smooth grooving Claptrap. What better way to loosen up for Nerdist Laser Tag?

The Moon Dance will take place on the top floor of San Diego’s PetCo Park (a dash across the street from the convention center) at 3pm on Thursday, and at 1:15pm on Friday and Saturday. I expect to see all of you sucker butts there. Don’t make us send Max Tension after you.

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  1. Victor Vela says:

    I wish I was back in good ‘ol San Diego tomorrow!