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USA Today’s Front Page Will Be BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 2 Tomorrow

Back to the Future Day is here—October 21st, 2015—the day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer arrived in the now. And while the tributes are far and wide, one of the coolest celebrations won’t take place until tomorrow, when USA Today releases a recreated front page from the future…err present…uh, well you know what I mean.

Tomorrow, wrapped around their actual newspaper, will be the front page from Back to the Future Part IIthe one Doc shows Marty from October 22nd, 2015, to prove to Marty what happened to his son. The page (which resembles the one before Marty successfully saves his son’s future and the paper changes), is full of great jokes and nuggets for fanatics.


Some highlights include:

  • A story about (Back to the Future director) Robert Zemeckis directing a remake of A Match Made in Space, George McFly’s novel we see at the end of part 1
  • An apparently negative review of Jaws 19
  • A story about a woman asphyxiating in a self-adjusting jacket
  • Cafe 80s closing its Moscow branch
  • News about parole being denied again for (Uncle Jailbird) Joey Baines (Racketeering! Is this canon? Do we finally have an answer?)
  • An op-ed about whether 3D billboards are free speech or traffic hazards
  • News about 2016 hoverboards (lighter, thinner)
  • The Cubs winning the World Series in 5 games (alas, it does not look meant to be)
  • News that Mothers Against Drunk Flying hired a lobbyist

There are lots of other great jokes about a future that could have been, one where Slamball is apparently a very big deal, so take the time to look over all of it, and if you’re like me you’ll be grabbing one of these tomorrow.

What’s the best promotion you’ve seen so far for Back to the Future Day? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Universal Pictures
Front page: USA Today


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