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Get Sonic with a 50 Years of DOCTOR WHO Vinyl Collection

In 2013, Doctor Who was everywhere. With its 50th anniversary, the show about a Time Lord who traveled in a blue police box and fought off aliens and bad guys of all imagining was at peak popularity and name recognition, and the access to the whole of the archives–as much as was known to exist–was never easier. There was even a huge box set of music tracks dating all the way back to the first episode which aired November 23, 1963. It may be over two years since the 50th, but now fans of spacey radiophonic music can listen to those sweet synthesizers on vinyl with the release of Doctor Who: THE 50th Anniversary Collection 4 LP box set.

50th-Anniversary-VinylFrom Spacelab9, 1000 copies of the set, pressed on “Cyberman Metallic Silver” vinyl, will be available for pre-order exclusively from Think Geek. Spacelab9 will also have an even more limited edition version in Adipose white at a later date. The four LP set is comprised of 50 total tracks (very fitting number) encompassing the first 11 Doctors. Side 1 is the First and Second Doctors (since a lot of music during that time was just BBC library tracks), Side 2 is the Third Doctor, Side 3 the Fourth Doctor, Side 4 the Fifth Doctor, Side 5 the Sixth Doctor, Side 6 the Seventh and Eighth Doctors, Side 7 the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, and Side 8 the Eleventh Doctor. The final track “This Time There’s Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale)” from “Day of the Doctor” is a bonus that wasn’t available in the initial CD or mp3 release.

It’s even got one of my favorite weird pieces of music, from the 1972 story “The Sea Devils.” It’s a truly nuts soundscape composed by Malcolm Clarke and I could listen to it all day:

The set is available now on Think Geek‘s website and will run you $80. In this year without a new episode until Christmas, reliving the first 50 years in auditory form might well be what the–pardon the pun–Doctor ordered.

See below for a full track listing:

1. Doctor Who (Original Theme) (2:20)
2. Three Guitars Mood 2 (From “An Unearthly Child”) (2:03)
3. TARDIS Takeoff (From “An Unearthly Child”) (0:49)
4. Growing Menace (From “The Daleks’ Master Plan”) (2:08)
5. The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon (From “The Gunfighters”) (3:51)
6. Heartbeat Chase (From “The Macra Terror”) (1:57)
7. Sideral Universe (From “The Tomb of the Cyberman”) (2:26)
8. Space Time Music Part 1 (From “The Tomb of the Cyberman”) (1:21)
9. Space Time Music Part 2 (From “The Web of Fear”) (1:19)
10. Zoe’s Theme (From “The Mind Robber”) (1:20)
11. Time Lord Court (From “The War Games”) (1:32)

12. The Axons Approach (From “The Claws of Axos”) (1:45)
13. Music from ‘The Sea Devils’ (From “The Sea Devils”) (5:24)
14. Music from ‘The Mutants’ (From “The Mutants”) (7:12)
15. Music from ‘Death to the Daleks’ (From “Death To The Daleks”) (3:50)
16. Metebelis III Atmosphere (From “Planet of the Spiders”) (1:53)

1. Doctor Who Opening Title Theme (From “Doctor Who”) (0:44)
2. Music from “Revenge of the Cybermen” (From “Revenge of the Cybermen”) (5:28)
3. Music from “The Android Invasion” Episodes 3 and 4 (From “The Android Invasion”) (6:33)
4. Antarctica – The First Pod (From “The Seeds of Doom”) (2:17)
5. Get Dunbar! / Krynoid On The Loose (From “The Seeds of Doom”) (2:55)
6. Music from “The Invasion of Time” Episodes 3 and 4 (From “The Invasion of Time”) (5.36)

7. Castrovalva (From “Castrovalva”) (3:18)
8. March Of The Cybermen (From “Earthshock”) (5:13)
9. The Five Doctors (From “The Five Doctors”) (5:29)
10. Resurrection of the Daleks (From “Resurrection of the Daleks”) (5:01)

1. The Twin Dilemma (From “The Twin Dilemma”) (4:04)
2. The Mark of the Rani (From “The Mark of the Rani”) (3:45)
3. The Two Doctors (From “The Two Doctors”) (3:15)
4. Timelash (From “Timelash”) (5:51)
5. The Ultimate Foe (From “The Trial of a Time Lord”) (3:16)

6. Music from ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ (From “Remembrance of the Daleks”) (5:32)
7. Music from ‘The Curse of Fenric’ (From “The Curse of Fenric”) (6:35)
8. Music from ‘Survival’ (From “Survival”) (5:28)
9. “…and somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold” (From “Survival”) (0:24)
10. Prologue: Skaro / “Doctor Who” Theme (From “Doctor Who: The TV Movie”) (1:34)
11. Farewell (From “Doctor Who-The TV Movie”) (1:35)

1. Doctor Who Theme – TV Version (0:42)
2. Doctor Who – Rose’s Theme ( 2:15)
3. Doctor Who – Doomsday (5:08)
4. Doctor Who: Series 3 – The Doctor Forever (4:19)
5. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Martha’s Theme (3:41)
6. Doctor Who: Series 3 – All The Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music) (4:07)
7. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – Vale Decem (3:20)

8. Doctor Who: Series 5 – I Am The Doctor (4:03)
9. Doctor Who: Series 5 – The Mad Man With A Box (2:09)
10. Doctor Who: Series 5 – Amy’s Theme (2:08)
11. Doctor Who: Series 6 – Melody Pond (2:36)
12. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Together Or Not At All – The Song Of Amy And Rory (3:17)
13. This Time There’s Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale) (From “Day of the Doctor) (7:03)

You into it? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: BBC/Think Geek/Spacelab9

Kyle Anderson is the Weekend Editor, a film and TV critic, and the resident Whovian of Nerdist. Follow him on Twitter!

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