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Did Gendry’s GAME OF THRONES Return Get Spoiled by IMDb?

Seven warnings to you friend, because this post contains potential spoilers for next week’s Game of Thrones. So if you want to avoid them best not cross the Narrow Sea of this intro.


All the way back in the season three finale of Game of Thrones‘ a young handsome blacksmith and the last living bastard of King Robert Baratheon got into a rowboat at Dragonstone and fled certain death. His rescue by Ser Davos warmed our hearts, because it meant he wasn’t going to be warmed by Melisandre’s flames. But little did we know as we watched him leave that morning he was going to sail out of our lives forever, and ever since we’ve been asking the same question over and over, even of the cast: “Where’s Gendry?”

Well finally, after four seasons, we think we might have found him. Turns out he’s been hiding on the IMDb page for next week’s episode.

That’s right, after 34 installments without Gendry, actor Joe Dempsie is listed as part of the cast for season seven’s fifth episode, “Eastwatch.” While we’re shocked that HBO would let such a reveal slip by, especially since they’ve only been giving us Mad Men-style previews of new episodes, we’ve been waiting for Gendry’s return all year. Even more than before we mean.

Our long held hope that he would return to the show was ratcheted up when Dempsie appeared at the show’s season seven premiere, but HBO wouldn’t let him talk to us or anyone else that night. Why keep him from the media unless they were afraid to give something away? Ever since our renewed anticipation for his return has been at a fever pitch.

Now yes, we understand this could be an innocent mistake at IMDb, and we also realize this is certainly not the first time we’ve predicted a Gendry comeback. I mean, we did sorta kinda think that Gendry would be the one to rescue a shipwrecked Theon from the Narrow Sea after Euron’s attack. But this is different! Probably. Maybe.

But we promise we’re not the website who yelled “direwolf” (or since he’s a Baratheon bastard the website who yelled “stag”), but if Gendry is showing up this week here are some guesses as to where he might be and what that might mean:

Near King’s Landing: Gendry is from Flea Bottom in King’s Landing, and even though the gold cloaks were once looking for him it’s the only real home he’s ever known. He understands how to survive there, and it’s not hard to remain anonymous in a big city when no one knows you moved back. He might have been hiding right under our noses this whole time.

Unfortunately the city is an especially dangerous place now, since Daenerys just decimated the Lannister forces just outside of King’s Landing. It’s like the old saying goes, right out of Melisandre’s pot, right into the dragonflame.

Near Dragonstone: Gendry didn’t know how to sail when Davos freed him on that rowboat, so it’s possible he never got far despite the danger he was in at Dragonstone. The mainland wasn’t much better though, since that’s where the gold cloaks were looking for him, and the Brotherhood Without Banners gave him over to Melisandre who wanted to sacrifice him. A quiet existence on a small, sparsely populated island nearby would have been a great hiding place.

It’s also likely to be in the middle of where Euron is about to bring his ships, now that the Dothraki have landed near King’s Landing. A giant naval battle would probably make his quiet life considerably less so.

Near Eastwatch-by-the-Sea: The Wall during winter is not an ideal place for anyone to be, let alone a Southern-born bastard, but it is as far away as he could get in Westeros from the many people who want to kill him. And since “Eastwatch” is the name of the episode it makes it a real possibility.

Unfortunately that seems to be where the entire White Walker army is heading, and that’s not exactly an ideal situation for Gendry. Or anyone really.

Of course, he’s been gone so long he could turn up anywhere for any number of reasons. All we know is Jon Snow needs to turn dragonglass into weapons, and Gendry is a skilled blacksmith. Hopefully wherever he’s been he’s safe and stays that way so he can help forge weapons to fight the White Walkers.

He’s no use to us on an IMDb page.

What do you think Gendry’s return could mean? Where might he pop up? Tell us your best theories in the comments below.

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Images: HBO

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