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Garry Shandling, Samantha Bee, and COLONY: The Week In Podcasts

Great guests, laughs, insight, silliness… that was the week at the Nerdist Podcast Network. Really, that’s ALWAYS what you get here, so let’s get specific:

On You Made It Weird: Garry Shandling. The comedy legend himself joined Pete, and that’s all you need to know to want to listen, right? (You HAVE watched every single episode of “The Larry Sanders Show,” haven’t you? GO BACK AND WATCH THEM. And “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” too, with the best theme song ever.) The conversation goes from their families to “giving love you never got” to Trump and Miss Universe and confidence and beyond. It gets deep, but with a lot of laughter. There’s a second, bonus You Made it Weird this week with author Parvati Markus, too.

Samantha Bee, preparing to launch her late night show Full Frontal on TBS, was this week’s guest on the Nerdist Podcast. Samantha talked about her The Daily Show days, her scripted show The Detour, working with her husband, Vanity Fair’s all-male late night TV host spread, parenting, and politics. Look for Full Frontal starting February 18th on TBS.

Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal, the co-creators, and Josh Holloway, the star, discussed the new USA series Colony on The Writers Panel, and the talk explained how the show’s premise (alien takeover, walled-off cities, resistance) came to be, casting Josh, using one family’s point of view as a starting point, and selling genre shows to the audience.

Last week looked at the best of pop culture in 2015, so, naturally, Pamela Adlon, Guy Branum, Janet Varney, and Wayne Federman were back with Cole and Vanessa for the Worst of 2015 on Pop My Culture. Listen and make your own list.

Alex had trouble with a movie screener and Apple TV on Half Hour Happy Hour. It’s the First Worldiest of First World Problems. Lots of talk about nuts, too. And smoke flavor, and too-hot spanikopita, and bathroom troubles, and sex and stuff.

Black and Cavanagh ate something else on Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. You’ll want to eat what they ate in Quentin’s pool house. So buttery.

The Atom, Brandon Routh, did fact-related things on Today We Learned, discussing YouTube Kids and Dog TV, the population of Des Moines, state fair food, coffee with butter, and his new movie 400 Days.

On episode 2 of The Jackie and Laurie Show, Jackie and Laurie talked about New Year’s Eve, Laurie helped her mom move and deleted her Facebook account, and they discussed “edgy” comedy and uncomfortable dating experiences. And breakfast. You should be listening to this show.

Julian McCullough, Matt Mira, and Joe Wagner dropped by Cinefamily for a potluck (yes, pot luck, ha ha) on Dining with Doug and Karen.

Kurt took Wyatt Cenac for a ride on another “Get Lost” episode of The K Ohle.

Kira Soltanovich submitted herself to Cash’s perceptive analysis on Cash Withdrawal.

Arden, Kate, and Eddie analyzed, sort of, The Bachelor on two episodes of our new podcast Will You Accept This Rose? Come on, it’s Eddie Pepitone-meets-The Bachelor, with Arden Myrin and Erin Foley. How can you NOT listen?

Actor, YouTube star, comic Jimmy Tatro dropped by Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve.

Chiropractor “Dr. Ron” gave advice and counsel on Pro You Podcast.

Dominatrix and President of the American chapter of SWOP: Sex Workers Outreach Project Savannah Sly joined Janet for a talk about that and more on The JV Club.

Our ol’ pal Jonny Loquasto returned for more eeriness (spell check says that’s a word, and who am I to argue?) on Bizarre States, including a Grim Reaper sighting at a grave in Northamptonshire, England.

Ryan Stout returned for part two of his two part Todd Glass Show experience.

And on a bittersweet Terrified, Dave and Anna said goodbye with the help of several comedian friends. It’s been a funny, moving, emotional ride.

Find it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. And stay tuned, because there’s even more new stuff on its way… any day now…..

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: HBO

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