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DIY Danger with WOLVERINE’s Claws

You don’t have to wait until next week to get a glimpse of X-Men badassery! Super fan Colin Furze has got you covered with his recreation of Wolverine’s claws.

They aren’t built out of the iconic metal adamantium, but they do extend, retract, and spark when struck against one another. The 12-inch steel blades are completely automatic, reportedly the first of their kind, and makes any room you’re in a Danger Room. All it takes is a push of a button to extend and retract the highly dangerous weapon thanks to the help of a compressed air system that fits in a backpack.

You can check out how they were made here, but if you want to see the blades in action, take a look at Furze’s demo below:

Furze has promised more X-Men themed projects in the near future, but while you’re waiting, you can check out more of his work on his official website.

What X-Men super power would you like to see in real life? Personally, I’d like to see someone tackle Jubilee’s pyrotechnic energy plasmoids.

HT: Tech Crunch

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  1. kara thrace says:

    oh my god the mystique doll

  2. Joe Franklin says:

    That guy is entirely too happy.

  3. Ssgoku Bear says:

    They cool but I can see this guy impaling himself real soon