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Gaming Daily: Warning: Do Not Delete P.T., It Can’t Be Re-Downloaded Anymore

With more news coming in every day about virtual reality headsets, the future seems to be inching closer and closer. It’s a great time to be alive. Soon, we’ll all be able to escape the drudgery of every day life, and enter the world only imagined in Sci-fi films. That is, until machines take over the world! Just kidding–we have Arnold Schwarzenegger to handle those meddling bots. Until then, feast your eyes on today’s Gaming Daily, where we’ll chat about P.T. being no longer re-downloadable in North America, a consumer version of Oculus Rift set to launch Q1 2016, and how Sony won’t be hosting a Gamescom conference this year.


Do Not Delete P.T.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, it seems like P.T. can’t be re-downloaded even if it was “purchased” before it was pulled from PSN. As of right now, the problem seems to only be occurring in North America. But it is a safe bet that soon, this will be the case everywhere else. We reported last week that all you needed to do to re-download the fantastic teaser was go into the “library” section on the PS4 hub and grab it from there. While it will still show up in that section, trying to download it will only garner an error code. It was only a week ago, when this wasn’t the case.

It is obvious that they are simply trying to bury the memories of what could have been of the now defunct horror title. To be fair, Konami did state that they were pulling the teaser from the store, and gave people enough time to nab it before it disappeared forever. The only problem is that some people deleted the teaser thinking they still owned it to clear up some space on their hard drive.

Rumors were spreading that the teaser also had an expiration date that we would reach in 220 days. I checked my version of the download and found no expiration date of any sort so do not freak out. The rumor began from a picture that surfaced on the internet, but the date attached to the persons copy of the game was probably the end of their Playstation Plus, not the end of the demo.

If you have P.T. downloaded, just keep it on your hard drive forever. 1.37 GB of space is well worth the price of admission.


Consumer Oculus Rift to Launch in first quarter of 2016.

Though it is not a release date, it sure is the next best thing. The consumer version of Oculus Rift has been given a first quarter 2016 release window. Pre-orders are set to go live later in 2015 as well. No word on the pricing, specifications, nor software for the headset–though, more information is promised to be on its way in the coming months.

That isn’t much to run on, but one thing is clear: the race is on. At one point in time, the Oculus was the virtual reality headset, after being publicly funded. Now there are more competitors, and some heavy hitters at that. Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung have all joined the fray. All of these companies are holding their cards close to their chest, but the time to reveal their hands is coming soon. Until we know the specifications, abilities, and pricing of this futuristic gear, we won’t know how relevant they will become in daily use.

Nonetheless, competition is always welcomed, and the more each company pushes each other, the better the products will get. I am hoping that sooner, rather than later, we get to see virtual reality reach the heights seen in the book Ready Player One–where virtual reality becomes a whole other world, with something new and exciting to see every day. One can dream.

until_dawn image 05062015

Sony will not hold Gamescom press conference.

In a surprising move, Sony has opted out of holding a Gamescom press conference this year. It is a strange move considering that Gamescom is one of the largest gaming shows of the year. It’s even more striking when considering that Sony had a great presentation last year, showing off plenty of titles like Until Dawn, Hellblade, and even showing off the share play feature. They will have a presence at Gamescom, however. In a statement to Gamespot, Sony stated that they will be opting to hold an international media briefing at Paris Games Week in October instead.

What exactly does this mean? Well, not much right now. More should become clear once E3 arrives and we get to see what Sony has been working on. It could just mean that we will get most of the announcements at E3. Or it could also mean they don’t have much to show at the time of Gamesom. It is all speculation at this point.

Another factor to keep in mind is how successful the Playstation experience was. They could just be looking to hold their own event to show off games for the holiday season. Nintendo and Sony both have found new ways of communicating with their most loyal of fans, so it is a possibility.

That is the end to another hump day. Plenty of news is rolling in with E3 just around the corner, so make sure to keep checking out the Gaming Daily for your daily dosage of nerd news. Make your way down to the comments sections below and let us know what you think about Sony skipping Gamescom. Keep the positivity going everyone.

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