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Gaming Daily: THE WITCHER 3 Gets a Brand New Gameplay Trailer

It’s Friday, everybody! After having the explosive Deus Ex and Call of Duty Black Ops 3 reveals earlier this week, today was a bit on the quiet side. But worry not, we are here with your daily dose of gaming goodness to keep you informed and up to date. In today’s Gaming Daily: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt got a brand new gameplay trailer, the reasoning behind why Splatoon won’t have voice chat is revealed, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 is set to hit the Vita this summer.


Brand new 5 minute The Witcher 3 gameplay trailer released.

With the highly anticipated release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a little over a month away, a brand new gameplay trailer was dropped today, making us all the more excited for CD Projekt RED’s upcoming Action-RPG. As you’ve probably already noticed, the video at the top of this post features a narrator laying down a wide variety of things you can do in the game. So, if you are still unsure of whether or not the game is for you, make sure to check out the trailer.

In other Witcher 3 news, CD Projeckt Red has revealed to Gamereactor Germany that the minimum amount of time it took one of their internal testers to complete the game was 25 hours. If 25 hours doesn’t sound like a lot of time to you, worry not, as there’s sure to be over 100 hours of content in the game–50 of which we hear is the main story.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to release May 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

HT: YouTube, Game Reactor Germany 


Splatoon will never have voice chat, because people are mean. 

Despite the strong WonderCon 2015 showing we reported on a couple of days ago, the recent reasoning behind why the game Splatoon will never have voice chat is a bit disheartening. The latest issue of the UK’s Edge Magazine–in which Splatoon is the featured game–has a quote from co-director Yusuke Amano that’s been driving people mad.

He notes: “Not that you’ll be able to hear any cussing yourself: Splatoon has no voice chat now, and it never will. You can blame the infamous toxicity of online players for that. This is coming from personal experience,” Amano says. “When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me, ‘You’re crap. Go away.’ So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming,” he elaborated. “I don’t want you to misunderstand—I’m not denying having chat in an online game does contribute to fun. But, as we’ve said, we want to grab new people.”

Instead of opting to provide the ability to toggle the voice chat on or off if you don’t want to hear mean people, the developer is completely taking voice chat away, which really doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, it ignores the older demographic that uses these features on a daily basis with competitive shooters–a fact which we pointed out in our WonderCon impressions piece.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to the Vita this summer

In case for some reason you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Resident Evil Revelations 2–which we reviewed for the PS4on Sony’s handheld, you’ll be happy to hear that SCEA’s Gio Corsi took to the PlayStation blog to update us on the game’s PS Vita release.

With the PS4 and PS3 release already out of the way, Corsi notes that the team at Frima Studios, which is already hard at work on the port, is in the midst of “locking down PS Vita-specific gameplay and features.” He also revealed that though Sony does not have a specific launch date yet, the title will be “coming digitally this summer”.

The Vita version is set to include all four episodes, including DLC that’s already been released. As for raid mode, that probably won’t be released until after the game launches through some sort of update. He notes that the reason behind this is that they want to be able to get the game into our hands sooner. Also, in terms of Vita specific additions, they’ve been working on gyroscopic weapon targeting. Which, to be honest, sounds sort of gimmicky.

HT: PlayStation Blog

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features.

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