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Gaming Daily: THE WITCHER 3 Already Aging like Fine Wine

Thursdays are the absolute best! The week is winding down and everyone is gearing up to relax during this extended weekend. There is also plenty of gaming news to cover, with the last bit of the weeks biggest news trickling out. As you get closer to Memorial Day festivities, check out what’s shaking in today’s  Gaming Daily, which includes: The Witcher 3 fixes that are incoming, a Metal Gear Solid V Burning Man figurine that’s on its way, and Ashley Johnston joining Tales From The Borderlands cast.


The Witcher 3 text issue is being worked on.

Our good friends over at CD Projekt Red have already treated the fans of The Witcher franchise with the utmost respect by providing some free decals, a map, and even a thank you letter in every single copy of their most recent installment of the series, Wild Hunt. Well, they seem dedicated to continually provide support even after their launch, with some free DLC, bug fixes, and now they are working to enlarge the small text that everyone is having a hard time reading. These guys never rest.

In a Twitter response, Community Lead, Marcin Momot, stated that a patch for the font size on the console versions is currently being worked on and should be included in the next patch. Hopefully the patch releases soon since so many are having an issue with the size of the passages on screen.

As daunting as a 600 fixes sounds, the game is absolutely huge, so it may not be as otherworldly as it first suggests. I am glad plenty of people are enjoying such an ambitious title and recognizing a great team for being dedicated to their fan base.



Metal Gear Solid V Burning Man figure on its way, no squishy boobs.

Konami and Square Enix have joined forces to bring forth this epic looking figurine of the mysterious Burning Man that was first revealed in the Phantom Pain’s original teaser trailer. Play Arts Kai has shown off this not-so-on-fire figurine in all of it’s butt kicking glory. It is set to release some time in September along with some alternate hands, chest armor, and fire pieces to make it look extra hot. You will have to spend a pretty penny to grab one though, since it will set you back about $122. Worth every penny for fans of the franchise, in my opinion.

Despite Konami doing their very best to sour everyone of their current situation with Kojima and the future of their most popular franchises, it is hard not to be excited about Metal Gear Solid V. I mean, it is Metal Gear after all.

This figurine also gives us a closer look at some of the intricacies of the character himself. He may even be a bit more terrifying without all of the fire surrounding him. Also, glad that this one doesn’t include squishy boobs, though, maybe it should for equality’s sake.


The Last of Us Left Behind Image 05012015

Voice of Ellie form The Last of Us to join Tales From The Borderlands.

Telltale games has become the king of story-driven point and click adventures in the modern age. They took franchises like The Walking Dead and masterfully crafted unique standalone adventures that enamored plenty of gamers into caring about the in game characters. Their most recent venture with the Borderlands franchise is still young, with only 2 episodes currently available. No time like the present to bring in more talent. It was announced today that Ashley Johnson, voice actress for beloved teenager, Ellie in The Last of US, will be joining the cast.

No word on what character she will be playing, but director of PR for Telltale, Job Stauffer, said the following: “Without giving anything away, just know that she plays a *very* core character”.

I am a big fan of Ashley Johnson’s work, and adding her to the cast should only bolster an already talented team of voice performers. Now, all I need for true bliss is for the team to update the in-game engine that barely chugs along on home consoles.


That’s it, folks! Another day, another MGSV figurine. It is already turning out to be a fantastic year for video games. Not only have we had surprises like Dying Light, but we also got some spectacular titles like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 , and we are still getting a Metal Gear game. That is quality and quantity.  We are a spoiled bunch, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Make sure to cast your thoughts on your favorite collectable figurines in the comments section below. Oh hey, look, time for some more Wild Hunt.

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