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Gaming Daily: THE LAST GUARDIAN Trademark Has Been Abandoned

Happy Presidents Day! Since I know you’re probably home and wondering what to do with your time before you go back to work or school tomorrow, we are here to bring you up to speed on a couple of news stories you may have missed. In today’s Gaming Daily, The Last Guardian trademark has been abandoned by Sony, Bethesda is trying to get a developer to change the name of their game, and Darksiders II is being remastered for the PS4.

the last guardian


Sony has let the trademark for The Last Guardian expire.

Remember when The Last Guardian was accidentally reported as cancelled because of some misinformation? Well, it seems that things aren’t looking so hot for the game again, as a NeoGAF user pointed out that the trademark for the game has been abandoned.

According to the USPTO’s (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database, the trademark was “abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request was timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.” So, either they missed the deadline intentionally or by accident.

Luckily, this does not seal the fate for the title. If it was indeed an accident, the company has another two months to notify the USPTO that it has missed the deadline. A post on Venture Beat points out that Kiphanie Radford–who was responsible for filing the trademark info for the game–is no longer with Sony. So, it is possible that it was somehow overlooked.

Again, this doesn’t seal the fate of this game, and we’ve seen stuff like this happen in the past with titles like Watch Dogs. Even if it was intentional, the abandonment of the trademark may just mean that they are changing the title. We won’t know for sure until Sony comments on what happened.

[HT: NeoGAF, Venture Beat]

Bethesda forces “Fortress Fallout” devs to change the title’s name. 

In other trademark news, Fallout series publisher Bethesda Softworks has sent a letter to indie studio Xreal demanding the developer change the name of their upcoming title Fortress Fallout.

As you’d expect, the complaint centers around the studio’s use of “Fallout” in the title. As of right now, it is not clear whether or not the 2D, iOS tower defense game has any other similarities to the Fallout franchise, but we’d wager it probably doesn’t.

“It’s pretty silly,” remarked Xreal founder Howard Marks in the video above. “Congratulations Bethesda. You won. You beat us. You showed us who’s boss.”

Marks and Xreal are now asking YouTube followers to help them come up with a new name. So far the leading response seems to be “Fortress Outfall.” What would you suggest?

darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 to be remastered for PS4

After listings of a PS4 version of Darksiders II accidentally hit Amazon and instantly disappeared earlier this morning, Nordic Games has come forward and confirmed to GameSpot that “the authenticity of the listing is unquestionable.”

Although the PS4 version has been confirmed, Nordic remained tight lipped about the project. That being said, whether it will release on other consoles or exactly when it will release is yet to be revealed.

Darksiders 2 was originally released by the now defunct THQ for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. Nordic games spent $4.9 million dollars to acquire the franchise, along with Red Faction and the MX series.

[HT: GameSpot]

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features. 


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  1. Dave says:

    Call it “Fortress: Fuck You Beth”

  2. Pako says:

    “Fortress Fall-In-N-Out” just to see what happens :p

  3. jay says:

    I don’t see why dude with the ripoff name is acting like a baby. I think he intentionally put fallout in the title knowing her get press when Bethesda said ummm no.

    • xXx420NOSCOPExXx says:

      You realize fallout is an actual word, right? Bethesda is basically telling them that they no longer have the right to use the word fallout as it is defined because of their trademark.