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Gaming Daily: THE DIVISION Gets Christmas-Themed Trailer

We’ve been talking the premiere of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens for well over a year now, so it’s hard to believe that that the day is finally here. Soon, most of us will have seen the film, but until then, we have some news to get to. In today’s Gaming Daily, The Division gets a Christmas-Themed trailer directed by the director of Hitman, Sony is letting fans pick the PS2 games they want to see on the PS4, the creator of Bioshock says his next game is going to be a small-scale open-world title, and a Mario Maker update is adding a super cool fire Fire Koopa Clown Car.

Christmas-Themed Trailer for The Division set the “Silent Hill” is pretty dark.

Well that was bleak. Ubisoft released a brand new trailer for The Division (which launches on March 8, 2016), just in time for the holidays, and it’s anything but jolly. In the video–which you can check out above–a young boy sings a holiday tune we all know so well. Well, at least it started off as the popular song. As the camera panned out, you could see the chaos that surrounded the seemingly peaceful boy.

The trailer’s description poses the grim question: “When our world is on the brink of collapse, what’s left for us to save?” For those who are unfamiliar, the plot centers around a pandemic that spreads on Black Friday, and causes the U.S. government to collapse in a matter of days. The player takes the role of a tactical agent associated with the “Strategic Homeland Division,” which is a group that’s trained in combat against the threat.

The description also indicated that it was in fact Hitman director Xavier Gens who had shot the grim clip at the Fox Studios lot in LA. The trailer actually marks the second video in which Ubisoft has used the song.

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Sony wants YOU to choose the next PS2 game to come to the PS4

Though we still don’t have backwards compatibility on the PS4, the PS2 ports announcement was still pretty exciting this year. With 8 titles–including Dark Cloud, Grand Theft Auto III, and Twisted Metal Black–already playable on the PS2, Sony proved once again that they’re listening to fan feedback when they took to twitter to ask folks for their PS2 emulated titles wish-lists. So if there are any PlayStation 2 titles that you want to play on the current gen title, make sure to attach #PS2PS4 to your tweet. Which games are you hoping for?

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Bioshock creator Ken Levine opens up about the vision for his next game

There’s still no official announcement for what Kevin Levine, the creative mind behind Bioshock, has planned for his next game, but we got a better idea about the approach he’s taking in a recent interview he did on NPR’s “On Point.” According to the interview, his next game will be featuring a “small-scale open world.”

“The thing we’re working on is sort of a small-scale open-world game,” he explained. “And the reason ours is an open world game is because if you want to give the player the agency to drive the experience, that really fights against the linear nature of the games we made before like BioShock and BioShock Infinite. What it really means though is, ‘How do you make your content so it feels like the quality of the content you’ve made in games before but reacts to the players’ agency and then allows the player to do something in one playthrough and something very different in another playthrough?'”

He elaborated, “I’m so deeply involved in the themes of our new thing, our new game is a science-fiction game. It involves themes like artificial intelligence and what it means to be programmed, that you are a thing that was created by programming.”

That certainly sounds interesting. We can’t wait to hear more.


New features are coming to Super Mario Maker

There  are new features coming to Super Mario Maker, and we’re excited! According to a recent update, the next major update, which arrives on December 22, we’ll get three new items, and brand new feature, which allows you to not only see the world record time for a specific course’s completion, but also the first person who successfully finished.

As for the items, Ninty announced that shaking specific items will now grant you a Bumper, P Warp Door, and..wait for it…a Fire Koopa Clown Car. Check out the madness in the trailer above!

Additionally, the Super Mario Maker Bookmar Web Portal will also be activated starting December 22. Here, you’ll be able to browse courses and mark them to play on your Wii U later on. All of this is done by logging into the site with your Nintendo Network ID.

Are you looking forward to trying any of these new features out? I know I am.

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That’s it for today’s Gaming Daily! Keep Nerdist tabbed for upcoming gaming news, reviews and features.

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