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Gaming Daily: STAR WARS DLC Invades MINECRAFT on Xbox

While most of the internet has been buzzing about the Jurassic World trailer that released this morning, there have been several sweet developments happening around the corner in the world of gaming. Today’s Gaming Daily features a Minecraft DLC from a galaxy far, far away, good news from the Nintendo camp about Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and a review round up for Tales From the Borderlands.


Star Wars skins infiltrate Minecraft.

If you own either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One versions of Minecraft and happen to be a Star Wars fan, then you may want to keep an eye out for the game’s latest DLC. A brand new Star Wars skin pack went live today, featuring over 50 skins related to the famed movie franchise including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi, R2D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Yoda, Admiral Ackbar, the Emperor and Stormtrooper. No word on the skin pack hitting the PlayStation versions of the game anytime soon, though you can pick it up on any Xbox platform now for the slim price of $3.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U Sells over 490k in 3 days.

Not that this is a surprise or anything, but Super Smash Bros. Wii U is officially the fastest selling Wii U title to date. The game was able to move a whopping 490k copies between November 21 and November 23, which includes both digital and retail versions of the game. This is even more than the 3DS version of the game, which sold 3.22 million as of the end of October. I think it’s safe to say that folks were waiting to play this game on a big screen after all. Bring on the Wii U hardware sales numbers!


Tales From the Borderlands reviews are in.

We were live on the scene in Dallas, Texas last night for the world premiere of Telltale Games’ Tales From The Borderlands. The first episode did enough to keep the crowd energized and yelling out player choices at the top of their lungs, but how did it shape up with game critics? Pretty well, if I must say so myself! Here’s a look at the marks from around the web:

VentureBeat: 9.6/10
Polygon: 9/10
Destructoid: 9/10
IGN: 8.8/10
Gamespot: 9/10

That about wraps it for Tuesday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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