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Gaming Daily: Pop! To Release Adorable FALLOUT Vinyl Figurines

Please allow me to catch my breath, as it has been an eventful week. In the last couple of days we got news concerning  Fallout 4, the new Gears of War title, and a Nathan Drake Collection. My head is still spinning from all of the awesomeness shown off. If it didn’t already, it’s now officially feeling like E3. It’s daunting to think that even more secrets will be revealed in a little over a week’s time. How will the world handle all the mind-numbing reveals? But alas, that’s for a later date, as here we have today’s Gaming Daily. Pop! will be releasing Fallout vinyl figurines, Warner Bros. Interactive will be bumping up the pool prize for the Mortal Kombat X Competitive Program Finals, and Mario, Doom, Tetris and more have been added to the Strong Museum Hall of Fame.

Skyrim Pop Figure

Pop! will be releasing Fallout and Skyrim vinyl figurines.

Pop! figurines are always adorable. They just know how to turn everyone’s favorite characters into small collectable figurines. It’s a gift. Well, ready your wallets, because a new set for Fallout will be released in July, to accompany the Fallout 4 hype. Here’s the full list of figurines in the set:

  • Male and female Lone Wanderer
  • Deathclaw
  • A soldier from the Brotherhood of Steel
  • A Super Mutant
  • A Feral Ghoul
  • Vault Boy

I will be adding a few of these to my ever growing collection of toys. There are also official T-shirts for the upcoming title up on the Bethesda website if you really want to show off your excitement to return to Boston once again.

HT: Funko

sub zero

Warner Bros. Interactive to double the pool prize to $100,000 at July 11 ESL Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program finals.

With the recent release of the Blue Steel SubZero DLC, Warner Bros. is making a real push to support the competitive fight scene. All of the proceeds from the aforementioned content have been going towards funding the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro-League finals pool, some to Mortal Kombat tournament at EVO, and a few other tournaments. Warner Bros. just announced that they will be doubling the original $50,000 prize pool at the ESL finals to a whopping $100,000. How’s that for supporting the scene?

Even the simple idea of using the proceeds from a purchasable skin to fund these sort of events is ingenious. This format is a great way of allowing fans of these fighters to support their own community. Mortal Kombat X is definitely a combat game to be excited about and you can still purchase the alternate skin for Sub-Zero to assist the movement. By allocating these funds back into tournaments and such, Warner Bros. is also helping themselves by spreading the reach of the most brutal fighter in the market.

Doom Hall of Fame

Mario, Doom, Tetris, and World of Warcraft inducted into The Strong Museum Hall of Fame.

If you didn’t know about the video game hall of fame, now you know. Today, The Strong Museum enducted 6 special games into the hall of fame, from a class that included 15 of the most noteworthy franchises in the history of our passion. Here are the 15 nominees:

  • Angry Birds
  • Pac-Man
  • Fifa
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Pong
  • Minecraft
  • The Oregon Trail
  • Super Mario Bros. 
  • Pokémon
  • Tetris 
  • The Sims
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • World of Warcraft
  • SpaceInvaders
  • Doom

Out of these 15 only 6 were inducted. The list of most prestigious that outpaced the others, goes as follows: Pac-Man, Pong, Doom, Super Mario Bros., World of Warcraft, and Tetris.

No doubt the chosen 6 deserve to be remembered as the most influential titles but some other mega-hitters were left out like The Legend of Zelda and Sonic. As an older gamer, it’s interesting to see that both Minecraft and Angry Birds were in contention. Even if the community has scoffed at these games before, both of them were game changers in the current era of video games.

HT: Game Informer

That marks the end of another fantastic Thursday. The hype is at an all time high.Everyone prepare their spare trousers because the next couple of weeks will surely bring the biggest of news. Induct your thoughts into the comments section below to let us know what games make your personal hall of fame.

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