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In today’s Gaming Daily, Pokémon invades Super Mario Maker, a new Xbox One Quantum Break bundle has been announced, Kanye West revealed a new video game at his fashion show, and there’s a $10M Dying Light edition that’ll put you on the big screen. Who says you need plans or romance this long weekend? There’s plenty to play, discuss, and anticipate. So let’s get to it.


Super Mario Maker Pokémon event now live

Nintendo is not holding back for Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary. The company recently announced that you can now use 3 Pokémon costumes—Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle—in Super Mario Maker by completing a brand new event course. And we can confirm: it’s absolutely magical. Watch the adorableness ensue in the clip above. (We’ll wait.)

This is kind of the best thing, right? Watching these three running around Mario-style is fantastic. The only thing missing is Squirtle’s sunglasses. It’s a small oversight I’m willing to forgive.

Hopefully all the creators out there find a way to recreate some of Kanto with the tool-kit provided in Super Mario Maker. I believe in you, people of the internet!

The official Pokémon day (Feb 27) is only a couple of weeks away, so make sure to join the festivities.

HT: VG24/7


White Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle announced

Microsoft has announced a brand new Quantum Break Xbox One bundle featuring a Cirrus White 500 GB console with a matching controller, a download code for Quantum Break, and Alan Wake (with The Signal and The Writer DLC). This sweet package will set you back $349.99 come March 29. But don’t worry: if you’re not into the white console, there will also be a bundle that includes the black X1 on the same day.

Unfortunately, the hardware doesn’t include any special QB branding, but hey, it’s still a nice-looking machine. The good news is Alan Wake will be backwards compatible soon, for those that want to play the game without having to purchase this bundle.

Despite some of the fans freaking out on Thursday because Microsoft revealed the game is also headed to the PC, I’m still excited for this title. The premise is interesting enough, and Remedy’s development track-record is great. If you’re still holding out on buying an Xbox One, this is a great deal. I only wished both Sony and Microsoft stopped producing consoles with only 500 GB of storage. Just give us a TB!

HT: Xbox Wire


Kanye West unveils new video game

During his fashion show—Yeezy Season 3—yesterday, Ye surprised fans by announcing Only One: The Game. It’s a game about his mom making her way into Heaven. It’s a sweet gesture for sure, but not much is known about the video game at the moment. We haven’t even seen gameplay yet. But, with the Kanye brand backing it, the title is sure to make noise once it’s released.

HT: Nerdist


There’s a $10M Dying Light edition

Have a spare $10 million lying around? (If so: are you Martin Shkreli?) Want to become a movie star? Well, Dying Light Spotlight edition may just be for you. Techand has partnered with the game to provide this nice package that includes a supporting role in the upcoming Dying Light film, stuntman and parkour training, professional acting coach, your own trailer on set, an FX-makeup session, copy of the original script, VIP tickets to the premiere of the film, a chance to be the voice of Kyle Crane in the special edition of Dying Light, and even 4 copies of the game.

I mean, it’s a cool bundle for sure, but very few have the means to pay for it. I wonder if anyone is actually going to sign up for this—it could be worth it if the role in the film is significant. It could be your chance to shine in front of  Hollywood execs! One can dream, right?

HT: VG24/7


That’s it for the week, folks. Enjoy the extended weekend, and like always, keep it here for all things video games. Are you planning on buying the Xbox One Quantum Break bundle? Do you care that the game will also be available on PC? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Nintendo; Microsoft; Kanye West; Techland

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