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POKÉMON RED & GREEN Could Have Gone up in Flames

Super Bowl 50 is nigh, which means chips, dip, and rowdy friends. Even if you’re not into sports–I know many aren’t– there’s still plenty of gaming content to keep an eye out for over the weekend. The second annual Square Bowl will be going strong for 48 hours and the Pokémon commercial is also making its television debut. There’s something for everyone. But, before you go off to enjoy the festivities, let’s talk about today’s gaming news.

In today’s Gaming Daily, Pokémon Red and Green almost didn’t come to fruition, watch the perfect game of Snake, Undertale could be getting a Nintendo port, and the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch is causing issues.


Overheating computers almost sunk Pokémon Red and Green

What if I told you overheating computers almost prevented the original Pokémon RPGs from ever seeing the light of day?

As part of the pocket monster franchise’s 20th anniversary, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has posted a clip where he discusses how he went through 4 computers in the game’s 6 year development cycle. These faulty computers had all of his work in them, so one going up in flames would have sunk the project as a whole. Peep the clip above to hear the story in more detail.

It’s a great tale that highlights just how fickle life can be. Let’s just all be thankful his work survived. What would I obsess over without Pokémon?

HT: Nintendo Life


Stare forever at a never-ending game of Snake

What is the perfect game of Snake? Is that even a thing? Well, apparently there’s a way to play the game where you can fill all the pixels on the screen until you inevitably have to eat the tail, but again, not until you’ve covered the whole screen. Sounds too good to be true, right? Feast your eyes on the above GIF. Keep in mind that in reality, all of those movements took about 13 minutes, however, that’s still impressive considering most of us didn’t even think it was possible.

HT: Nerdist

Undertale could get a Nintendo port with some help

Toby Fox’s surprise indie hit of 2015, Undertale, could be making the jump to Nintendo consoles. A Nintendo representative recently reached out to the creator of said game to inquire about the possibility of getting this gem on their platform. Fox then went on to share with his followers how this isn’t surprising because they had previously discussed this project.

What’s kept this partnership from coming to fruition is the fact that Fox would need help with the port.

That’s when the above happened. Broken Rules, an indie developer, jumped into the conversation to offer help. Boom! The power of social media at work. Now we wait to see if things pan out.

Undertale is a truly special thought-provoking game, so it would be great if a larger audience got their hands on it.

HT: Nintendo Life


Rainbow Six Siege patch is causing more issues.

What is this, PlayStation? The most recent Rainbow Six Siege patch is apparently causing more issues than it’s fixing and it even introduced several game breaking bugs. Welp.

A Reddit thread reveals that three common bugs now plague the shooter: knife slashes don’t register, player models get stuck in a T-pose, and now the hit detection is a mess. Overall, the experience got a whole lot worse–other minor bugs have also been reported.

The good news is that Ubisoft knows about this mess and is already trying to remedy it. Let’s hope these issues are resolved quickly.

HT: VG24/7

That’s it for this week, folks. Enjoy the Super Bowl and all of the commercials that come along with it. How will you be celebrating? Will you be playing Madden with friends to predict the outcome of the big game? Have you seen the Pokémon spot that’s going to make play on televisions nation wide on Sunday? Let us know in the comments below!

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