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Gaming Daily: PlayStation VR Will be at Least $400, According to Research Group

Happy Friday, everyone! The future of virtual reality gaming has certainly dominated the headlines this week, and it’s only going to continue. There have definitely been some interesting debates surrounding these futuristic headsets, especially when it comes to pricing. With the  Oculus Rift priced at $599, a lot of people have been speculating about how much the PlayStation VR is going to cost. We’ll get more into that below. So, let’s get to it. In today’s Gaming Daily, a research group believes PlayStation VR will cost at least $400, watch the absurd remake of the Powerpuff Girls intro done in Grand Theft Auto V, a new image has surfaced teasing Outlast 2, and you can play Jenga in Just Cause 3.


PS VR will cost at least $400, according to research group.

Yeah, VR is a popular topic these days. Now that Oculus has played their hand (an expensive hand), everyone wants to know what the price will be for Sony’s PS VR. Well, according to research group, SuperData, the headset will cost at anywhere between $400-$600. Ouch.

That may be more than the wishful $300-$350 sweet-spot everyone wants the headset to go for, but the predicted price is actually not too bad. Like I’ve argued plenty this week, the Oculus Rift at $599 is probably is a steal. The issue though, is that you’ll also need to make sure you have a PC rig powerful enough to use your new toy. If your PC is old and outdated like mine, the whole transaction to get the full VR experience will set you back over $1k. I know, absurd. Sony needs to realize that their advantage is that 36 million people already own a PS4. If the company can keep the price at $400, I expect more people will be willing to shell out that cash. I know I would.

I do believe Sony is in a great spot to dominate the VR market (here’s what our very own Malik Forté has to say about the situation), they just need to keep the price lower than their competitors, and make sure developers are working on PS4 VR experiences. Whether they can do all of that is the real question. I’ve used the PS VR extensively at several events, and I can tell you it’s pretty sweet. There’s still nothing that has completely blown me away, but the titles I’ve played show lots of promise. That’s all I can ask for at this point in the game.

HT: Push Square

Watch the Powerpuff Girls‘ intro recreated in GTA V.

Yes, it’s absurd, but hilarious. YouTube channel, Merfish, recreated the intro to the Powerpuff Girls in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s all levels of absurd. For example: the batch of everything nice is actually a box of dildos, so yeah, NSFW. Several show intros have been recreated in GTA V, but I have to say that this one made me laugh the hardest because it’s so weird. Like, who even thinks of doing this? GTA V is the gift that keeps on giving, and the community is just the best. Peep the clip above.

HT: Nerdist


Outlast 2 teaser image surfaces.

Last October, we got a very obscure teaser trailer for Outlast 2 that got me pretty pumped for the sequel. With a fall release window, Red Barrels Games is once again teasing the upcoming title with the above image. Not much is revealed through the picture, but luckily for us, the developer answered some questions on Twitter that further illuminated what we may expect in the sequel:
First and foremost, the game will not take place in the insane asylum. Instead, it will be in a new setting. It will also take place after the events of Mount Massive. You’ll also need to hide to survive. So, it will be more of the same, but that’s awesome.
Unsurprisingly, the studio also revealed that continuing the series past the second one would be ideal, but it all depends on how well this one does. It’s just good to hear that more may be on the way. The horror genre needs more love, especially after we lost one of the most promising titles in the genre thanks to Konami canceling Silent Hills. Yes, I’m still bitter about the whole situation.

HT: VG24/7

Play Jenga in Just Cause 3.

I truly adore Just Cause 3 and its insane physics. It’s by no means perfect, but damn it’s fun to create chaos as Rico. This game has already provided the internet with plenty of GIFs and easter eggs, so this new clip should come as no surprise. Apparently, you can play Jenga in Just Cause 3 with massive cargo-containers. All you need to do is use a helicopter to stack the blocks as high as you’d like, and then use Rico’s grappling hook to pull out the containers. Best of all, you can do this on any version of the game, as it’s not a mod.

Take a gander at the demonstration posted by YouTube channel that came up with this rad idea, team cream. According to the video description, it took quite some time to build the giant block of containers, but when it’s done, it works really well. It certainly looks like fun when everything is in place.

HT: Gameinformer

That’s it for today, folks. I hope y’all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend while playing lots of video games. You can bet that I’ll be a stressful mess until my Steelers play the Bengals. Hopefully luck will be ever in our favor. What do you think about the possible $400-$600 price tag for PS VR? Is this the VR unit you hope to buy? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Sony

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