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Gaming Daily: MARIO KART Show Races to Television

I hope that everyone had a nice break from all of their daily responsibilities and ate a lot of turkey with their loved ones over the weekend. I know I did! It’s always nice to have some downtime around this time of year, especially to catch up on your gaming catalogue. That said, let’s get to talking about the video game news of the day. In today’s Gaming Daily: A one-off Mario Kart show will be premiering on Disney XD, our Xenoblade Chronicles X review went live, SCE Santa Monica is teasing something, Sony sneakily unlocked the 7th CPU Core in the PS4, and Platinum Games is working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.


Mario Kart one-off show coming to Disney XD.

Well, this is kind of strange. Nintendo announced a one-off television show called Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8, where 8 of the best young players will compete in a tournament in front of a live audience. In other words, be prepared for blue shells and fireballs. YouTube personalities like Sethbling, Strawburry 17, Andre, and AtomicMari will also make an appearance. You can watch the broadcast on December 5.

This is definitely out of the norm for the Big N. I love the idea, and it’s great that Nintendo is trying to connect with a younger audience in different ways. I really hope this means that the developer/publisher will be more open to television show ideas. They have the largest stable of recognizable characters that would garner a whole lot of interest. Just give me a gritty Netflix-exclusive Legend of Zelda show!

HT: Gamespot


Xenoblade Chronicles X Review.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Xenoblade Chronicles X, the spiritual successor to the beloved Wii title, Xenoblade Chronicles. Chronicles X is a standalone game that revolves around a story about human survival on a gorgeous alien planet dubbed Mira. The world is lush, and feels so lively thanks to the ecosystem that Monolith Soft created, along with all of the indigenous creatures. Combat is the same as it was in the Wii game, so if you were a fan of that, you’re in for a real treat. Oh, and there are Gundam-like mechs that will help you wreck sh**! For more of our thoughts on the game, check out my full review here.

HT: Nerdist


Sony Santa Monica teasing something, possibly for PSX.

With PSX fast approaching, developers are already starting to drop hints for possible announcements, including the folks at Sony Santa Monica (God of War). Earlier today, the official SSM account shared a GIF of what appears to be feet. I’m not kidding, your guess on what it means is as good as mine. The tweet is displayed below, judge for yourself.

Clicking on the link takes you to a Neogaf page that says, “Take the next step”. It’s a really weird tease, but I’m assuming it will make sense later this week. I just want a God of War reveal already.

HT: Twitter


Sony sneakily unlocks PS4’s 7th CPU core.

Sony’s gaming hardware has been a runaway success ever since it launched two years ago. One of the main narratives that arose during the first few months was that the PS4 was more powerful than the Xbox One, resulting in better looking games on Sony’s console. Microsoft in an attempt to give more power to developers unlocked one of the CPU’s on their machine for use, and now Sony has sneakily done the same thing. A recent update had a note buried in it revealing the information; it reads as follows:  “PS4–Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.”

This is obviously great news for developers. More power!

HT: Nerdist


Platinum Games is working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

Cowabunga, dude! Platinum Games is working on a Ninja Turtles game, and I for one can’t hide my excitement. I just can’t. This bit of information was revealed after Australia’s Classification Board rated the game, and the developer responsible for one of my favorite games of this generation, Bayonetta 2, confirmed its existence.

The rating also reveals that the project will be published by Activision and will be titled, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. So much win here.

Man, if this works out, we could have something pretty rad. It seems like any series that involves a whole lot of action, like Transformers, does pretty well in their hands. Of course, the studio has had some stinkers, but I completely trust them with action-based titles. Let’s hope this turns out to be as great as Transformers: Devastation (which we loved).

HT: Polygon

That’s it for today, folks. Keep it here for all of your gaming news, and nerdy needs. It’s only Monday, but with PSX nearly here, so it’s sure to be a great week. What do you want out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game? Do you think Platinum Games can pull off this franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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