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Gaming Daily: Konami is Hiring For A New METAL GEAR

If you have yet to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens, go do that, then you can come back and catch up with today’s gaming news. Trust me, you must watch. Alright, now that we’ve cleared that up, I want to know what you guys are planning on playing this weekend? Maybe you’re inspired to get back into Battlefront? I’m personally trying to catch up on some titles I missed this year, including Undertale. Other than that, maybe some co-op Ultimate Gears of War.

Enough chit-chat you guys, let’s get to the business at hand. In today’s Gaming Daily: Konami is hiring for a new Metal Gear game, the dress is back in the form of a Just Cause 3 easter egg, celebrate the debut of The Force Awakens with double XP this weekend in Battlefront, Sony wants to know which PS2 games you want on the PS4, and Rocket League made a whole lot of money.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet FEAT 05112015

Konami is hiring for a new Metal Gear game.

Now that Kojima and Konami have officially split up, both parties are apparently ready to move on. Kojima recently announced that he was already starting his new indie studio, and that the team’s first game will be a PlayStation console exclusive. It was obviously huge news, and many were floored by the idea of Kojima doing his own thing–and for good reason. Well, Konami isn’t taking long to move on either. A listing has been spotted on Konami’s site that states the company is looking to add talent for a new Metal Gear game.

So, let’s take a step back for a second. The rumors of Konami leaving the AAA space were apparently wrong, unless the new Metal Gear games will be mobile, but that sounds highly unlikely. My next thought is, why? I know a lot of the talented people who worked on the aforementioned franchise must still be with the company, but I seriously doubt it will be the same without the mastermind. Seriously, how much longer can the franchise survive without Kojima’s name in the credits? That’s not even taking into account that the gaming community has turned on Konami, so it’s likely fans will skip on the title when it does make its way onto shelves 3-4 years from now.

I guess we will all have to wait and see what ends up coming from this endeavor.

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Just Cause 3 easter egg brings the dress back.

Ugh, the dreaded blue/black or white/gold dress makes an appearance in the recently released Just Cause 3. Two Steam community members spotted two women in the game wearing the two color pallets of the dress. It’s a small joke about the dress that took the internet by storm, and well, it’s a pretty funny easter egg. Our very own Kyle Hill explained that the dress in reality is black/orange and blue. The lighting and our eyeballs make us see it in two different shades. I’m sure there are other easter eggs in this bonkers game, so definitely be on the lookout for other 2015-specific jokes.

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Star Wars: Battlefront double XP weekend.

If Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t enough for you this weekend, you’ll also be able to go back home after watching the film to enjoy double the XP in Battlefront. EA and Dice have announced that players will be able to stack up even more experience this weekend in celebration of the film’s worldwide debut. Since the Battle of Jakku DLC has already been released, you will be getting a serious dose of The Force Awakens’ content this weekend.

This special event starts today and will go all the way through Monday. Sure, many have moved on from the game (I know I have), but EA is definitely doing a brilliant job of capitalizing on Episode VII‘s hype. Now that the film is out, it is going to be interesting to return to the Battle of Jakku knowing the movie’s plot.

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Sony wants to know which PS2 games you want on the PS4.

If you’re a fan of the PS2 era (who isn’t?), then you know that gems from that generation are now on the PS4, up-rendered and with trophy support. The only issue with this new addition to the PS4 is that there aren’t too many titles currently available. That’s where you come in. PlayStation Worldwide Studios America International Software Development & SpecOps head, Dave Thach, shared a tweet saying that all you need to do is tag your wish-list with #ps2ps4 on Twitter, and the company will take the games you chose into consideration. So, if there’s a certain gem you want to get this emulation treatment, go let Sony know on Twitter.

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ROcket League

Rocket League made Psyonix a whole lot of cash.

A very merry Christmas to Psyonix. According to The WallStreet Journal, Rocket League has made a whopping $50 million, and it only cost a fraction of that to make–$2 million to be exact. You know the studio is going to be partying it up in style this year.

We all knew how wildly successful this title was (many were obsessed with with it, including Nerdist HQ), but I never believed it had made this much money for the studio. One must wonder how successful the game would have been if it didn’t release first for free for PS+ subscribers. It’s an interesting instance where an indie studio has made a ton of cash thanks largely to the deal they made with Sony. I say this because many have doubted studios’ decision to make their game free on PS+ since it can diminish the revenue you make back on your game, but this is one time where people tried the game out because it was semi-free for them.

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That’s it for the week, folks. I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday break filled with family and friends. Make sure to keep it here for some sweet holiday features. I promise they will be a whole lot of fun. What are you guys planning on playing this weekend? Have you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Let us know in the comments below.

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