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STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’ Kylo Ren Unmasks for a Disney Store Exclusive Figure

Don’t call it a spoiler–unless something that was revealed back in Vanity Fair last May is considered such. No, Kylo Ren is not Luke Skywalker – he’s that guy from Girls, and now for the first time you can own an Adam Driver action figure heavy enough to kill a human being, since it’s made almost entirely from diecast metal (do NOT put this thing on a toy shelf above your bed. I own the Captain Phasma in this series, and TRUST ME).


Part of Disney’s Elite series, this Kylo Ren, like the previous masked version, stands seven inches tall and costs $24.95 – and as of this writing, is still available online to ship in time for Christmas.

The Elite series isn’t just The Force Awakens figures, either–Disney recently released Darth Maul, and Anakin, General Grievous, Boba Fett and Darth Vader are on the way. So should you choose, you can stage your own scene in proper scale where a redeemed Vader schools his next-gen fan on why the Light Side is really the right side.

Better yet, get the Poe Dameron figure and you can restage scenes from Inside Llewyn Davis in sci-fi cosplay.


CBS Films

And now, Rian Johnson, I believe you have to put Justin Timberlake in Episode VIII so we can make the above scene complete. (Asking for a line of Coen brothers movie figures besides Lebowski is, I presume, something that will not bear fruit.)

Is Unmasked Kylo a must-buy for you? Or do you prefer his face covered up? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: Annie Leibovitz via Vanity Fair
All toy images: The Disney Store

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