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Gaming Daily: HALO ONLINE Announced… Only in Russia

A lot of ups and downs today: Gamestop stores each got 4 Majora’s Mask New 3DS XLs in stock and there is still Bloodborne to be beat. Talk about living it up while dying, am I right? Or better yet, it was a bloodbath today if you wanted to get your hands on the extremely limited handheld. Bad jokes aside, we understand that you have been busy today so we are here to tell you not to worry, we’ve got you covered. On today’s, Gaming Daily: Halo Online was announced but only for Russia, Broken Age Act 2 is releasing a lot sooner than you may think, and Samsung Gear VR will be making its way to a Best Buy near you this Friday.


Halo Online Launching in Spring…Only in Russia

A new Halo game was announced for PC today and yet the internet didn’t explode? Let us explain why. Today 343 Industries announced Halo Online, a project they have been working on with Saber Interactive and Innova System, will be coming to PC this spring and it will be Free-to-Play. The not so exciting news here is that the only way to play this game will be if you live in Russia. That is right, this new title will only release in the Russian market.

The game will be running on a modified Halo 3 engine and is optimized to run on lower end PCs so that everyone can get in on the fun. There will be no campaign either, just good online fun.

There is no official release date announced yet and the new Halo developers don’t have a lot of confidence that the game will ever see other regions, explaining that in order for it to reach other markets it would need to go through “region-specific changes.” What exactly that means is still unclear. All we know is that the team has no plans of it ever going outside of Russia at this point.

In a Q&A posted by 343 Industries, the question was asked whether the game would make its way onto Microsoft’s newest console. This is what they had to say: “Halo Online was built from the ground up specifically for the PC. There are no plans to bring Halo Online to the Xbox One.”

This new release will not have real bearings on the future of the franchise, 343 explained. “Halo Online is a learning opportunity for us as we explore ways to welcome new fans to the Halo universe. We’re excited to release a Halo multiplayer-only PC experience tailored for Russian gamers.”

As weird of an announcement as this might sound, it could be Microsoft’s attempt to garner more traction in Russia and the gaming market there.

BROKEN AGE-03252015

Broken Age Act 2 Launching April 28th alongside PS4 and Vita Version

Double Fine has seen a nice little resurgence on Sony’s consoles with the recent release of Grim Fandango, as well as the next adventure game is set to release in a little over a month from today. Double Fine announced today on the Playstation Blog that the finale act of the two folded adventure Broken Age will get its Act 2 on April 28th, coinciding with the full game release on PS4 and PS Vita.

Act 2 marks the ending of Broken Age, making this an excellent time to go play the first Act. For those able to wait, the PS4 and Vita version sound like a nice way of relaxing and enjoying the whole game through without having to wait for the second half.

This partnership between Double Fine and Sony has paid dividends for owners of Sony’s consoles–getting two great Double Fine games is always a win.


Samsung’s Gear VR making its ways to retailers this week

Have you been dying (insert Bloodborne joke here) to try out the future? Samsung is going to allow you to not only try out the new technology in stores but also purchase it. Starting March 27th, this Friday, you will be able to walk into stores and try out the Oculus-powered Gear VR and if you like it enough, even purchase it. This version of the virtual reality headset is named the Innovator Edition, making it sound like multiple versions from Samsung may be making their way to stores eventually.

You can try out the headset at multiple Best Buy locations, where it will will be competitively priced at $199. The only downside is that the device can only be used if you have a Samsung Note 4 cellphone.

The most appealing thing about this announcement is the price point. In order for virtual reality to become a household item it needs to be sold at an affordable price. Unfortunately, requiring the Samsung Note 4 will surely cut out some people from purchasing the Gear. It is still strange to finally get to see these technologies make their way to stores. It has become a race between many companies to release the must own virtual reality product.

That is it for today, ladies and gents. Plenty of exciting news with the announcement of two games even if one of them wont be playable for most of the world. Also exciting to watch virtual reality slowly become… well, a reality. Like always, virtually make your way down to the comments section below and let us know what you think of todays biggest news stories and whether you got your hands on the Majora’s Mask New 3DS Xl. Now, back to Bloodborne

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