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Gaming Daily: DESTINY’S THE KING’S FALL Raid Completed in 7 Hours

Got a bad case of the Mondays? It’s normal to feel a bit down when you have to go back to your usual responsibilities, but let’s just remember that Fifa 16 releases tomorrow. Okay, I get it, not everyone is as excited as I am for sports. Still, I can’t wait to get on the pitch as I challenge some buddies to a friendly match. Enough about soccer though, onto the news! In today’s Gaming Daily: Destiny’s latest raid is completed in 7 hours, Nick Offerman explains Halo 5‘s Req system, Phil Spencer believes the PS4 will get a price drop in NA, The Legend of Zelda’s Kakariko Village was recreated using Unreal Engine 4, and Star Wars: Battlefront will feature dedicated servers.

Destiny’s latest raid completed in 7 hours.

Well, that didn’t take long. Destiny’s The King’s Fall Raid was completed the same day it went live. As part of The Taken King expansion, this is the third raid to hit the game. The first team to survive the gauntlet took about 7 hours to complete it. As for prep time, one of the players spent about 50 hours getting his gear ready for the challenge ahead.

Here’s the whole squad to defeat Oryx:

Many who have already attempted the multi-faceted challenge have claimed that it resembles the Vault of Glass Raid much more than it does Crota’s End, which in my opinion is a good thing. It was a much better overall team experience.

The Taken King expansion has been out in the wild for almost a week now, and players are already finding exotic loot exploits, secrets, and new ways of kicking-ass. So far, the overall response to this new content has been positive. It really feels like the Destiny we should have been playing since the beginning.

HT: VG24/7

Nick Offerman explains Halo 5’s Req system.

Who better than Nick Offerman to explain the details of the newest multiplayer system in Halo 5: Guardians’. The manliest of men took the role of Mister Chief, an animated cartoon character who was sent out on a mission to ease players into the Requisition system, which will be a pivotal addition to both the game’s Warzone and Arena. The short cartoon mixes in the hilarious little Spartan, with some actual gameplay footage. It’s a nice way of familiarizing yourself with the card-based process. Peep the video above.

HT: Nerdist 


Xbox’s Phil Spencer believes the PS4 will get a price drop in NA.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a price slash for the PS4 across Asia, and even the UK. This has already made many speculate about the possibility of it occurring here in the states. Xbox boss Phil Spencer certainly thinks it’s going to happen.

He revealed the following to IGN when speaking about Sony cutting the price for the machine in Asia, and likeliness it will happen elsewhere:

“I fully expect they will drop price. When I think about the playbook they’ve used in the past, we feel good about the plans we have in place going forward in the holiday. If history tells, then we’ll see a price drop from them coming.”

I agree with Phil on this one. Despite the ludicrous pace the PS4 is selling at, it has been on the market for almost 2 years, and it needs to stay competitive. This is usually around the time these sort of things happen in a console cycle. Some, including Phil, are predicting this announcement is indeed coming, and will surface at Paris Games Week.

What I find most interesting is that Microsoft seems to have their own plans to counter the move. Could we see another price slash for the Xbox One this season? That would be a bold way of getting more consumers to jump onboard. Entry price and excellent AAA exclusives could help the Xbox One surge.

HT: IGN, PushSquare

Somebody recreated the Legend of Zelda’s Kakariko Village using Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine 4 has already proven to be an extremely powerful development tool. Many have used it to create fantastic videos featuring iconic characters in the infamous Kite demo. More recently, someone used the tools to recreate Zora’s Domain in full next-gen beauty. All of that is awesome, but artist Ioannis Papazis, may have just outdone everyone by recreating Kakariko Village from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Watch the epic video above and see for yourself.

HT: Nerdist 

Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy Mode

Star Wars: Battlefront will feature dedicated servers.

Nerf herders rejoice! Star Wars: Battlefront will include dedicated servers. In an interview with Playstation Lifestyle, designer Jamie Keen revealed the bit of news that will surely excite those that are looking forward to playing the title online.

Here’s the exact quote:

“We’ll still have dedicated servers, absolutely. It’s one of the hallmarks of making sure we deliver an unparalleled online service for the game.”

Considering that this is a multiplayer centered experience, having dedicated servers goes a long way in providing seamless gameplay. Let’s hope that the launch goes smoothly with these servers.

HT: VG24/7, PlayStation Lifestyle

What a great Monday in the world of video games. Now, excuse me as I continue to prepare to take on the latest Destiny raid, while I wait for Fifa 16. Are you enjoying The Taken King? What’s your current light level? Let us know in the comments below.

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